Video Game Festival

Can you kick-it in the cyber-world? Get your game on with Twin Galaxies! Check out the monster video game contest hosted by Twin Galaxies and get in on the action in the Mall of America. Back to Article

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What Game Do You Rock At?

  • Crazy Taxi 2 - I was born to be a cabbie.
  • Tony Hawk - the Hawkster's got nothin' on me.
  • Golf - I'm a master of the green.
  • Booger flickin' - I'm the nostril king.

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On The Phone. (Otp)
reply 1 minute
Kiken posted in Board Games:
What is your OTP? (Please only answer if you have one!)
reply 4 minutes
My  greatest fear is a lion
reply 14 minutes
Draw it. What is your greatest fear?
reply 17 minutes
On The Phone ​ what would you do if a bear was in ur house?
reply 21 minutes