Whaling 101

Whaling is a pretty contentious global issue. We've got the 411 on this hot topic. What do you think? Back to Article

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-Freezy. wrote:
2013-05-24 14:28:49 -0700

oh okay, good xD

s4bot4ge wrote:
2013-05-24 14:26:35 -0700

not where i'm from. we don't hunt whales. we hunt fishies xD there are some parts of norway that still do. i find it horrible.

-Freezy. wrote:
2013-05-24 14:23:21 -0700

really sara, you hurt the poor whales o;

salonikk wrote:
2012-01-06 14:22:17 -0800


sharre10 wrote:
2012-01-06 14:10:11 -0800

I hate stupid whales

deathkitten103 wrote:
2012-01-06 14:10:03 -0800

lol my sis is scard of whales, she thinks thereye gunna eat her...she's 18

awesomegirl9879 wrote:
2012-01-06 14:07:32 -0800

i love whales!!!!!!!

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Proper Name for Killer Whales? Vote!

  • Humpbacks.
  • Ambergris.
  • Orcas.
  • Narwhals.

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Moonshine Sam
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shh. people don't even know what and where Philippines is.
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Well, I'm not sure if any of you knew, (I might have told Alpha T, but I don't remember if I did) there was an incident which happened at our school. I was a few doors away when it happened, but a person, who was in her class, stabbed a teacher, who I knew and loved, in front of a group of seniors getting ready for their GCSE's. I remember the screaming and commotion caused as she screamed for her pupils to get out. A girl came into my class, screaming that Mrs Maguire had been stabbed.  We saw our teacher rush out of the room.  That day, we were escorted to lessons by teachers. We weren't allowed to go anywhere unless a teacher told us... We were made to stay at the school the whole day, and we were all so worried. Mrs Maguire was a well lived teacher you see. The teachers told us that an 'incident occurred' and we shouldn't worry. The general public knew she died before us... The press were all over the outside of the school, taking photos of us...  (I don't wanna stray too far from the topic) but the guy who did it does deserve the death penalty. I don't care what the cost is and I don't quite care if I'm honest. He killed a teacher that I knew and loved, and I'm sure you would agree that you'd feel the same in that situation... I do. He only got 20 years, (which is apparently life here in the UK.) :angry
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I love Philippines with all  my heart <3 <3 <3 
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