The Sound of Snoring

Is your mom's or dad's snoring keeping you up at night? Hey, maybe you're waking yourself up. Well, you're not alone. Almost everyone snores. No wonder there are over 300 anti-snoring devices. Back to Article

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JennyD wrote:
2013-08-14 14:51:08 -0700

I don't sleep walk

Ginnyweasley12 wrote:
2013-08-14 03:45:41 -0700

Me and my family never really snore. But I sleep walk sometimes ever since I was young

PrinzezzJanz wrote:
2013-06-27 13:10:09 -0700


-Delilah- wrote:
2012-04-22 17:47:51 -0700

I snore, it's in my family. I got my tonsils and Adonis taken out and it quieted me a lot! It sounds like I'm just breathing a bit loudly now. When I'm sick though it is kind of loud. Not a big problem but very annoying.

nikki842 wrote:
2012-03-11 15:56:13 -0700

I hatee too hear peoplee snoree I bhee wanting too put a pillow over theree headss till they stop kickingg lol .

-Amazinq.Ashlee.x3.- wrote:
2012-01-14 11:27:17 -0800

i hardly dont snore . the only time i snore is when im sick . when my nose keeps on running .

sharky 123
sharky 123 wrote:
2011-05-02 09:10:15 -0700

well I'm happy tht I don't snore

Lilkendrick wrote:
2011-05-02 07:02:24 -0700

your momma

skatergirl48 wrote:
2011-05-02 06:53:41 -0700

well hopely my bf dosent snore if he dose ill just put up wit it thats how much i LOVE him..teehee,I DONT SNORE MY SISTERS DO THOUGH LOL HAHAHAH

1flowergirl1 wrote:
2011-05-02 06:43:39 -0700

only when im extremly tired Indifferent

Tameka_Lovee_1672460 wrote:
2011-05-02 06:38:18 -0700

ohhh wow who well put that sh1t on it

Hunny_bunny33 wrote:
2011-05-02 06:15:39 -0700

I dnt snore either

Mrz Freaky mama_1621487
Mrz Freaky mama_1621487 wrote:
2011-05-02 06:13:43 -0700

Idnt Snore Myy Broo Do dhaa Ibee likee goo Some where Dhat Lmaoo(:

-Forever.Steph wrote:
2011-05-02 06:11:57 -0700

My lil cuz is 6 and he snores like a freaking grown man.!

ImErikaC wrote:
2011-05-02 05:54:05 -0700

i dont snore hehe yay me

--Jena Was Here--
--Jena Was Here-- wrote:
2011-05-02 05:44:53 -0700

Lol that's what I'm talking about Erica1999 parents expissailly men always snore it's SO annoying!(:

Erica1999 wrote:
2011-05-02 05:34:27 -0700

One time I had to sleep in my dads bed becaus esomeone that was sleeping over took my bed, and he snored so friggin loud, that I went out in the living room to sleep. I could still hear him. /:

--Jena Was Here--
--Jena Was Here-- wrote:
2011-05-02 05:27:08 -0700


--Jena Was Here--
--Jena Was Here-- wrote:
2011-05-02 05:26:56 -0700

I hate snoring I live in a house with my dad who snores every night!

mzblack wrote:
2011-05-02 05:17:31 -0700

haha dis is funny

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Do You Snore When You Sleep?

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  • No.
  • Only when I'm really tired.
  • I don't know.

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