Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 :: GBA Game Review

The Hawk can do no wrong! He flies onto the Game Boy Advance with the latest version of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater. Find out just how much butt this game kicks. Back to Article

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Can You Grind Like the Hawk?
  • Heck yeah! I'm a wiz on a board.
  • Nope, my nickname is Street Pizza.
  • I could beat the Hawk with my eyes closed.
  • I'm still learning a few tricks.

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Useless123 posted in Board Games:
What are you doing right now?
reply 40 minutes
A) silence A. Pineapple B. Grapefruit
reply about 2 hours
Damara posted in Forum Games:
A. A pile of cash A. Silence B. Noise
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C) Both :) A. A pile of cash B. A pile of BACON! 
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I made you lose the game.  I drew a picture of you. 
reply about 3 hours