Dear Dish-It, My Dad Beats Me and My Stepmom Doesn't Care

My dad hits me all the time and my stepmom just sits there and watches. What should I do if I don't want to call the police or child services? Back to Article

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glittersilly01 wrote:
2014-02-13 14:25:49 -0800

Tell a teacher or get help because that is bad I am lucky for that not to happpen to me but don't let it keep on get help

Minecraftlad wrote:
2013-07-15 18:37:40 -0700

I abuse from my mum and in the end I wound up in care and trust me the care home was horrible violent kick offs never got treated fairly and it felt like a prison so if anyone ever gets abused try to get the foster choice up before the socials make your life a living hell it's not fun when they choose a care home that's my advice from experience of it

arianaa_babee wrote:
2013-07-14 16:25:13 -0700

Everyday :c

cjcma500 wrote:
2013-07-14 16:16:57 -0700

My dad used to beat me before I told him about what and what I was and then he kicked me out but now I am kinda happy living with my mom

The_Names_Ally wrote:
2013-07-14 16:10:53 -0700

My dad use to do this to me and my brothers before he left

king823 wrote:
2013-07-14 16:07:01 -0700

my dad does that sorta to me

Mrawsomegamer wrote:
2013-07-14 12:30:45 -0700

How sick and horrible is that! The death penalty should be for these types of people!

100pigy wrote:
2013-07-14 12:24:51 -0700


Superwholocked132 wrote:
2013-07-14 12:17:18 -0700

You need to get help. And fast.

RobotGirl123 wrote:
2013-07-14 12:15:10 -0700

What kind of father beats their own flesh and blood with a belt?!!!

Blind Faith
Blind Faith wrote:
2013-07-14 12:13:01 -0700

Holy crap!

21inkiepielover wrote:
2013-07-14 12:10:14 -0700

Whoa! You should call the poilce immedatily!

kittykat33 wrote:
2013-03-13 14:05:25 -0700

I'm so sorry! Do not let this get botteld up inside.I am asking you call your BFF or your aunt or
someone ypu trust NOW!!!!!! Smile Nose

cookie10212 wrote:
2013-02-10 16:41:22 -0800

or call DHS (department of human services)!!!!!

cutebabe75 wrote:
2012-06-19 08:18:07 -0700

This is very serious. You either need to find a way out of that hell zone or call cops or CPS. Its not cool for your dad to be beating on you and your step mom sits there and does nothing. Totally unfair if u ask me

*Taylor_Loves_You_Forever* wrote:
2012-04-21 15:19:52 -0700

call police immediately this is serious nobdy shoulld be treated like that

wizkhalifa123_1807891 wrote:
2012-04-21 12:26:17 -0700

i dont need no parents.i do want i want,if the policecome i will run and hide

CutiePieDes!! wrote:
2012-04-21 10:39:14 -0700

dont call the police first.......fight back then u can call the police..........miii parents luvv me

precious344 wrote:
2012-04-21 10:32:25 -0700

I hate mi parents nt mi mom but mi dad

deja429 wrote:
2012-04-21 07:40:36 -0700

I feel ssssoooo bad for you if I were you I would run away and get help if he tries to hit you again peace love and happiness should be the only thing we have in this and country and if people chose to break that rule they need to be sent far from here deja out

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Dear Dish-It in the forums

Dear Dish-It
Dear Dish-It posted in Friends:
Hi there! My most important advice would be to be yourself! live your life! do the things you want to do. If you've moved past what happened with your feelings for one another, just go and enjoy your time. If things are weird, it'll be because of her, not you. Stay positive and calm and I'm sure you'll have fun!   Hope you have a good time!
reply about 6 hours
cargirl296 posted in Style:
I think that rubber band bracelets are totally in right now. And they are easy to make on a loom! Head scarves are also in as well. Hope you found this helpful!
reply about 9 hours
Dear Dish-It
Wow! This sounds so frustrating! Maybe talk to your mom about what's going on. Ask her why she's doing it. She might just be worried about your safety online. More and more there are unsafe people talking to kids on the internet. I'm sure your mom just has your best interest at heart. See if you two can agree on how to keep you safe online!   Good luck!
reply about 9 hours
Bloody Wings
Bloody Wings posted in Friends:
ignore her be the cool kind of guy dont talk to her even if she comes and talk with you. well thats my opinion
reply about 13 hours
FloraTheWolf posted in Friends:
One thing that I have noticed is that a lot of people seem to think they should have a boyfriend or a girlfriend as soon as possible, but they don't need to until its the right time just for them. You don't have to be forced to fall in love with someone if you don't want to. Let love come in its own time. And to keep away from any problems with her if she may become mean, try just forgetting about what happened and treat her like a normal person you know, and try to avoid any arguments. If she becomes mean, maybe just walk away for a bit. And if she is still being mean, maybe confront her asking what you have ever done to make her this way towards you. If you have done nothing, then she will have no reason to be mad at you so its not your problem she is being mean so you don't have to be stressed about it. I hope this helps! :)
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