Becoming a Computer Graphic Artist

Have ya ever used your imagination to create a fantasy world or pretended to be someone else in another world? Steve Ogden has. He creates fantasy worlds for a living - ones you can play in. Back to Article

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xPrincessPikachux wrote:
2013-08-13 14:34:25 -0700

I LOVE drawing art on the computer! It would be pretty cool if I expand my talent!

intel core i7
intel core i7 wrote:
2011-05-23 13:02:01 -0700

i have already don it 2 year ago
according to you who the best company in graphic now
i like nvida and ati mobilety .......................................
whats u r opinion

xluvmybesties101x wrote:
2011-05-23 08:32:43 -0700

good idea !!!

koala G
koala G wrote:
2011-05-23 05:58:02 -0700

y alwayz boooing shxxt

glam272 wrote:
2011-05-23 05:55:58 -0700


JustinBieberTwinSis wrote:
2011-05-23 05:14:12 -0700


koala G
koala G wrote:
2011-05-23 04:45:35 -0700

diz shxxt look tight 2 do

--Jena Was Here--
--Jena Was Here-- wrote:
2011-05-23 04:42:38 -0700

I want to be whatever this said cuz I'm a computer geek...yes i said it. !

kc1000 wrote:
2011-05-23 03:13:23 -0700


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