Tomb Raider Turns Good Will Ambassador

When actress Angelina Jolie isn't raiding tombs, working on other flicks or spending time with her hubby Billy Bob Thornton - she's helping out the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR.) Back to Article

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Aaliyah Dream
Aaliyah Dream wrote:
2012-11-17 17:52:35 -0800

I dont know about her

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What Would You Do For a Good Cause?

  • I would write a school report on it.
  • I would sell chocolate bars door-to-door.
  • I would get my parents to donate or think of ideas.
  • I wouldn't do anything - I'm just a kid!

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My hair is really short. Like, I'm talking slightly more that two inches. I'm having a really hard time making it look nice and I just am feeling plain uncomfortable. Any cute hair suggestions? 
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Crisanna posted in Family Issues:
I am the same way. Just try to remain calm when something bothers you. [/quote i always get angry over small things, seriously. and when i'm mad i get super quiet, so i guess i'm calm, and agitated at the same time
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Do you have a lot on your mind already? If you do then that might be why. You get easily upset from your history or stress. It might help for every once in a while to take a break and do something you like.  Or maybe it's your temper. if it is then try not to worry on the subject that is upsetting you, especially mean girls. Well, I hope this helps :)
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I am the same way. Just try to remain calm when something bothers you. 
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i always get angry for small things . what should i do?
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