Celebrities Go Green

Hollywood is going green! Kidzworld takes a look at some celebs who are doing their part for the environment. Back to Article

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-Scream- wrote:
2014-06-21 02:31:00 -0700

They are just normal people !! -.- So why more attention to them--I'm going green too !! #Ughhh

blue_03 wrote:
2013-05-14 13:12:12 -0700

some people think they're important because they are famous and want to see if they are cool enough to be environment friendly to

isposeimawesome wrote:
2012-04-22 18:35:51 -0700

Why do people think celebrities are more important

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How Will You Spend Earth Day?

  • Plant flowers and trees.
  • Educate everyone about keeping our planet clean.
  • Watch movies about the outdoors and eat off recycled paper plates.
  • Clean up trash around my neighborhood.

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Tom n Jerry!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
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zany definatly....he it tottaly mine...
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control stuff with mind and invisibility 
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indian actor- Tiger Shroff and Ranbir Kapoor             actress-Katrina Kaif  english actor- Robert Pattinson and Zac Efron           actress- Emma Watson 
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Well since I haven't seen Magnificent(yet)I have to go with frozen it's my favorite movie right now!
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