Dear Dish-It, He Keeps Flirting With Me

I started skateboarding with this boy. He put his arms around me to help me keep my balance and he keeps flirting with me. Does he like me? Back to Article

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mara3pooh1ray wrote:
2011-12-28 17:05:54 -0800

still he flirts but didnt ask mi out but he likes mi

iluvu_mb wrote:
2011-10-31 21:37:22 -0700

You should ask him if he likes you but you should know he does or you should get one of your friends to ask for you if your to scrared

Persefinie wrote:
2011-10-08 17:53:01 -0700

well.... you should make someone random ask him like someone you DONT hangout with at school and ask them to do you a favor or pay em a dollor and yes means yes and no means NO

Carlsbus1973 wrote:
2011-10-08 17:47:34 -0700

1st Find Out How Old He Is. Then If You Like He Ask Him Out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! smile

Mazey10 wrote:
2011-09-23 17:17:57 -0700

dont flirt bak only if he waz single and never dated ur best friend *smile

cutie64 wrote:
2011-09-11 04:22:34 -0700

do u like hhim aaas much as he likes u ?

lol_diva123 wrote:
2011-09-02 04:34:15 -0700

theres a boy at skool name tristan that flirt with me

ke$ha wannabe
ke$ha wannabe wrote:
2011-09-01 19:48:16 -0700

if a boy did that 2 me i would flirt bak Wink

laitiomore wrote:
2011-09-01 19:40:57 -0700

i would slap him silly

taytay_98 wrote:
2011-08-31 19:39:01 -0700

i woud jus keep it real wit mi friend n tell her

Nebrea wrote:
2011-08-26 01:31:24 -0700

well what she should do is ask hi do he like her and if so tell you bff

Roxane20 wrote:
2011-08-23 17:03:48 -0700

i hate Bieber!

cutie_bear32 wrote:
2011-08-23 16:53:07 -0700

Dude my bf's bff was flirting to much to me, too bad he got his @$$ kicked xD

Alexandria145 wrote:
2011-08-23 16:45:36 -0700

Oh Wow lol

RENE 3307
RENE 3307 wrote:
2011-08-23 16:43:43 -0700

thatz kool unlezz u dnt like to filrt with person ohh really bad anyone can filrt with me im cute!

jlsforever700 wrote:
2011-05-01 18:56:24 -0700

yeahh course he does hes hinting to u that he wants to go out with u ? i think u shud take this chance while u can. go out with him

jlsforever700 wrote:
2011-05-01 18:50:44 -0700

if hes flirting with u just say do u wanna go out? simples Confused smile

KZGIRL1 wrote:
2011-02-25 04:42:40 -0800

i think he will like u after putting arms around u

sassy1999 wrote:
2010-04-16 08:06:00 -0700

if he puts his arm around you that is a sign that he mite like you. and to now for sure dose he do things with you diffrent from when he with other girls.

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Best Way to Hook Up With Someone?

  • Getting my friends to ask someone out for me.
  • Meeting someone online.
  • Joining an after-school club.
  • Asking him/her out on my own.

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