Attacking Asthma (pg. 2)

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SpaceKitty14 wrote:
2013-10-18 16:49:44 -0700

I hate having asthma. I have nightmeres because of it!

princes81 wrote:
2013-05-24 04:50:35 -0700

Ive had asthma since i was 8 ut started activity induced know i have severe

Simple_minded000 wrote:
2013-05-23 18:40:32 -0700

Asthma isn't fun to have. I still have it but its more allergy triggered.

-ZeroHero- wrote:
2013-05-23 18:35:46 -0700

Lol I still remember when I was on 3rd Grade and I had asthma on Christmas. Mom bought a LOT of gifts but I cant even open them xD Because Im sick as a dog xD Im like ''Mom cant..breathe'' .. my mom was like I thought those gifts will cheer you up XD

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