Don't Worry, Be Happy!

It is time for the Nation to smile. I want you to think of something funny that you did today. If nothing comes up, try again. There's gotta be one funny moment that you can think of. Back to Article

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vasocare wrote:
2014-02-25 23:15:27 -0800

i agree......i can never be sad..for more than 10 mins

Keekeow wrote:
2014-02-21 07:05:04 -0800


Lexibearr101 wrote:
2013-07-08 13:50:39 -0700

ADD ME!!!!

star414 wrote:
2012-02-20 13:28:26 -0800

i worry but i really try not to even if it hurts but when im not stressed worried or sad i am happy and in a good mood

prisiegirl wrote:
2012-02-20 13:09:03 -0800

i dont like to worry because tha turns into stressing and u could die from it so its good to be happy

StreetDance... wrote:
2011-09-19 05:05:25 -0700

Once i was out in the shops and i started chasing my brother for teaching my best friend and we messed up the whole place and everyone was chasing us..we had to run out of the shop..Tongue Out hehe,

StreetDance... wrote:
2011-09-19 05:04:21 -0700

oh coollll..!!!!!! Big Grin
Once i went to my bff's bday party and because i was the only one who wasn't aloud to drink we both decided to give fake alcohal(drink) to people in the party and at midnight everyone was mad and crazy a few days after we told them it was fake and we had a big laugh..!!:P

cookiegurl wrote:
2011-04-18 01:24:32 -0700


myloveanthony wrote:
2011-03-25 05:29:20 -0700

i fell over a garbage in gy a few days ago i publis in front of everyone

myloveanthony wrote:
2011-03-25 05:28:15 -0700

once i spilt chocolae milk al ovr someones ppers in school fell ot go on me sat in red ink spile milk on me al over the same day

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