Should You Have to Dissect?

Does the thought of dissecting an animal in science class gross you out? Well, quit being a squeamish baby about it and start cutting open some skin. Back to Article

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racecar44 wrote:
2013-04-10 09:55:17 -0700


brunostar wrote:
2013-04-10 09:39:56 -0700


imagine994 wrote:
2013-03-31 13:37:02 -0700

I Know it's for school and that but seriously.. Y?
I, personally love animals and I think that every li-ving thing deserves a chance whether it was neglected or not, whether it is a rodent or not!!

angelkake99 wrote:
2012-05-01 14:16:28 -0700

i dissected a sheep eye it was cool

CheeseTacoxD wrote:
2011-08-01 20:31:45 -0700

Yes, Well I should. I wanna touch its organs. See what it feels like

Judas_Black wrote:
2011-07-19 21:00:48 -0700

its not that bad. its just the fact they are dead. Raspberry YUCK i like animals. i like killing. they dont go together well though

allisun wrote:
2010-04-11 02:31:40 -0700

Okay first of all disecting living or dead animals for science is wrong. ALL living creatures deserve to be treated ethically. Taking dead animals from slaughter houses or stealing them from their natural habitat and then poisining them with formaldehyde

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Is Dissection Cool or Cruel? Vote!

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  • Cruel. I would never disect something.
  • I'm undecided.

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