Dear Dish-It, I Like Him, but He's Not Smart

We would make a good couple, but he acts stupid and even had to take summer school. Should I forget about him or get with him? Back to Article

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Rockstarskittles1 wrote:
2013-06-10 09:10:10 -0700

Wow thats so stupid why would someone like a guy and say he is stupid???

kiki12312 wrote:
2013-06-07 11:36:10 -0700

wow same problem but i like him because he's cute funny, and nice. My guy only acts

kiki12312 wrote:
2013-06-07 11:35:52 -0700

wow same problem but i like him because he's cute funny, and nice. My guy only acts stupid but I know in the inside he is really smart -_-

{TheWhiteBarbie} wrote:
2013-06-07 09:26:27 -0700

daaaaang ...

Goldenheartdragon wrote:
2013-06-07 09:22:05 -0700

I understand this problem but none of the guys at my school are smart .-.

brunostar wrote:
2013-06-07 09:20:01 -0700


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I would say just talk to the guy an ask him, but I know you would be scared. But anyway, just take it slow. Talk to the guy, an try to be friends with him. If he shows any signs of him liking you.. For example: He likes looking at you, tries to make you laugh, or likes being around you.. then that's mostly a sign.
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how can i lighten my hair color without dying it?????????
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Emma40 posted in Friends:
So I like this guy in school. But I don't know if he likes me. How can I tell if he likes me? Does he like me?
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