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Guitar Hero, Star Wars, Sonic, Ben 10, Spidey, Monsterpocalypse and Racing Videos!

If you like free games, you'll love this week's game news! We have the scoop on a free game download from EA, plus free stuff for Spider-Man: Web of Shadows and a deal on Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. We also have videos for EA's new Need for Speed Undercover and Burnout Paradise Bikes. Finally, we have a huge Guitar Hero World Tour video blowout, a street date for Monsterpocalypse and a chat with the folks making the new Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood game! It's all here, plus the list of all the new games that drop this week for every game system from Nintendo DS to Xbox 360, Wii, PS3, PSP and even for your PC!

Rock the World

Guitar Hero World Tour is coming and we have a HUGE batch of videos, pictures and info for you. To soak your ears and eyeballs in video game goodness, click the link here.
  • Guitar Hero World Tour Preview
  • Chat with the Hedgehog

    Gary just had an awesome chat with the people making the new Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood video game for DS! They're up in Canadia so he had to run all the way there and back - his feet hurt, but you can check out what they had to say with the link below.
  • Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood Developer Q&A
  • Feel the Force!

    The Star Wars: The Force Unleashed has arrived and is knocking the heck out of everything with giant blasts of Force power! To celebrate, the Star Wars online store is giving you $5 off of a pack of the Star Wars Miniatures: The Force Unleashed figures to each person that picks up the video game, or the Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Campaign Guide for the Star Wars role-playing game.

    Get Your SMASH Ready!

    Cuz it's almost time to unleash it with Monsterpocalypse! The game of collectible monsters and world-crushing fun gives you 12 Godzilla-sized beasts to command, plus hordes of their smaller minions, in crazy battles. From dinosaurs doing wrestling moves, to 60' sword-swinging warriors and martian invaders, this game brings it all on with a side order of crazy fun! It hits on October 10 and for more info on how the game works, check out our preview.
  • Monsterpocalypse Preview
  • Ben Tennyson Bonanza!

    Ben 10 has a double-dose of good news! First off, Ben 10: Protector of the Earth, his first video game, has sold over 1.7 million copies and become one of the PS2's best-selling games ever. W00T! And, the upcoming Ben 10: Alien Force game for Wii and DS has a website full of game info! To check it out, head to www.ben10thevideogame.com

    Become a Rock Star

    Guitar Hero World Tour drops on October 26 and GameStop, the hugely massively large chain of game stores, wants to find the "Ultimate Guitar Heroes" out there. That could be you, it could be your mom, it could even be you AND your mom (dads can't rock out for some reason...) They're holding a contest with three categories and a grand prize for each, plus four extra prize packages. Here's the scoop on the categories and prizes.
  • Families Who Rock! - Six free day passes to SixFlags Theme Parks and a $500 gas card and a copy of Guitar Hero®: World Tour Band Kit.
  • Moms with Star Power! - A $1,000 gift card for the “star” treatment at Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spas and a copy of Guitar Hero®: World Tour Band Kit.
  • Guitar Gods and Goddesses! - $200 annual subscription for guitar lessons from GuitarSchool.net, a $800 gift card to GuitarCenter.com and a copy of Guitar Hero®: World Tour Band Kit.

  • The four extra prize packages are copies of the Guitar Hero World Tour Band Kit plus $50 gift cards for GameStop. To enter this contest, hit the link below and send 'em a picture of you, your family or your mom rocking out along with the reason you're the greatest. You have until October 10 to enter and don't forget to remind them that dads like to rock too! Oh, and don't worry, you can still be cool if your mom is a rock star.
  • www.gamestop.com/UltimateGuitarHero
  • Fast, Faster, Fastest!

    Get the word on EA's new Need for Speed Undercover game with a look at the first gameplay video, right here! It's just a click away...
  • Need for Speed Undercover – First Gameplay Video - .mov file (196MB)
  • Spidey Pics!

    The Spider-Man: Web of Shadows game is headed this way and Best Buy wants to help you celebrate with a chance at a free copy of a sweet Spider-Man art book! If you buy, or reserve, a copy of the game for PS3 or Xbox 360, you'll get a copy of the book. Want to see it? Check out a page or two online at www.seizecontrol.com then you can decide if you want to hit one of these links below to reserve a copy.
  • Reserve a PS3 Copy of Spider-Man: Web of Shadows
  • Reserve an Xbox 360 Copy of Spider-Man: Web of Shadows
  • Burn This!

    EA's got a sweet ride for you with the latest spin on their hit Burnout racing games. But, this time you're on two wheels the entire time because it's Burnout Paradise Bikes! It comes with four bikes, 70 challenges, tons of customizable game options and a killer deal - if you own Burnout Paradise, you can download it for free! Check out these videos for a look at the action.
  • Burnout Paradise Bikes – Game Video (hd) - .mov file (80MB)
  • Burnout Paradise Bikes – Game Video (hi) - .mov file (21MB)
  • Burnout Paradise Bikes – Game Video (lo) - .mov file (3MB)
  • What Video Games are Dropping This Week?

  • Sept 17 - Namco Classic Fighter Collection for PS2.
  • Sept 17 - Naruto Ultimate Collection for PS2.
  • Sept 17 - Pac-Man Power Pack for PS2.
  • Sept 17 - Zombie Wranglers for Xbox 360.
  • Sept 18 - Happy Cooking for DS.
  • Sept 19 - Sword of the Stars: A Murder of Crows for PC.
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