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Grab a pile of videos for Spider-Man, Sonic, Samba de Amigo and Freaky Creatures games! Plus, we have online game news and free game downloads. Check it out!
Game News

Now that you've been back in school long enough to be totally sick of it, here's some cool [kwlink]game news[/kwlink] to cheer you up! We have rockin' news on two music games - Ultimate Band and [kwlink]Samba de Amigo[/kwlink], plus two online fighting games - Freaky Creatures and WWE Smackdown Vs. Raw. We're also taking a look at Black Cat from [kwlink]Spider-Man: Web of Shadows[/kwlink] and we have the final word on making the new [kwlink]Sonic the Hedgehog[/kwlink] game. Wow! Check it out here, plus the list of all the new games that drop this week for every game system from [kwlink]Nintendo DS[/kwlink] to [kwlink]Xbox 360[/kwlink], [kwlink]Wii[/kwlink], [kwlink]PS3[/kwlink], [kwlink]PSP[/kwlink] and even for your PC!

Rock Out!

There's a new way to rock out on the way thanks to Disney and the Nintendo Wii! The Ultimate Band video game lets you get in on the action of being a [kwlink]famous musician[/kwlink] by rocking out with a [kwlink]Wiimote[/kwlink] and Nunchuk. Here's a game video showing how the game looks and giving you a taste of the music waiting for you. Click away!
  • Ultimate Band – Game Video - .mov file (31MB)
  • Freak Out Online!

    Are you ready for freaky online battles with custom-built monsters? You better be because Freaky Creatures is coming! It's a game that's tag-teaming with a batch of [kwlink]action figures[/kwlink], letting you bring them to life online. You can even customize them, build them a lair, chat with other monster fans and have 3D battles to prove your monster is the meanest! You can check out the trailer below or head to for more info, but the game won't be running until 2009. BUT! Gary has some Beta access codes that can get you in right now to try it out. If you want one, watch the video and email with your Kidzworld username and the full name of this Freaky Creature: "Quid _ _ _ _ _" Hurry up, there are only five!
  • Freaky Creatures – Game Video - .wmv file (34MB)
  • Bad Kitty!

    Spider-Man's got a friend joining him in the [kwlink]Spider-Man: Web of Shadows[/kwlink] game - Black Cat! Marvel's comic character comes to life with the voice of Tricia Helfer (Cylon #6 from Battlestar Galactica) and her stylin' superhero duds. Click to hear what Tricia has to say about becoming the famous character, then click some more to see big pictures of her in action with Spidey!
  • Spider-Man: Web of Shadows – Black Cat Video - .mov file (93MB)
  • Tricia Helfer as Black Cat in Spier-Man: Web of Shadows!
    Tricia Helfer as Black Cat in Spier-Man: Web of Shadows!
    Tricia Helfer as Black Cat in Spier-Man: Web of Shadows!
    Tricia Helfer as Black Cat in Spier-Man: Web of Shadows!

    Online Smackdown!

    The [kwlink]massively muscular[/kwlink] wrestling stars from the WWE Smackdown Vs. Raw game are taking the body-slammin' wrestling action online! THQ's upcoming PC wrestling game will let you play as a legend, create your own, play with [kwlink]friends[/kwlink] and unlock items as you thump the competition. There's also an online lobby if you just want to jump in and chat with wrestling fans. WWE Smackdown Vs. Raw Online hits PCs in Asia at the end of 2010 and should hit North America in 2011.

    Building the Best Hedgehog

    He may not have nuts, bolts or gears, but Sonic the Hedgehog still needed to be built for his new [kwlink]Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood[/kwlink] DS RPG adventure! The hardcore [kwlink]Canadian[/kwlink] gamers at BioWare had the skills to get the job done and here's a video of them hard at work and talking about creating a high-speed adventure for Sonic and [kwlink]friends.[/kwlink]
  • Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood – Making it Video - .mov file (23MB)
  • Boogers? No! Boogie!

    Get your finger out of your nose and hit the dance floor with EA's new Boogie SuperStar game for Wii! With customizable characters, dance moves, multiplayer modes and a chance for you to show off your [kwlink]singing[/kwlink] skills with a mic and the latest tunes from [kwlink]Fergie[/kwlink], [kwlink]Alicia Keys[/kwlink], [kwlink]Good Charlotte[/kwlink], [kwlink]Kanye West[/kwlink] and more - this game looks like a pile of fun. It arrives on October 14 and we'll have more info for you soon! While you wait, click below to watch a game video.
  • Boogie Superstar – Trailer Video - .mov file (92MB)
  • Shake it!

    If you listen carefully you can hear the shake-shake-shake noise of the [kwlink]Samba De Amigo[/kwlink] video game getting closer! It's a goofy musical game for the Wii that'll have you and a [kwlink]friend[/kwlink] playing along with the beat and shaking your Wiimote and Nunchuk around like [kwlink]rockstars[/kwlink]. Check out this video for another look at the fun.
  • Samba De Amigo – Game Video - .mov file (50MB)
  • What Video Games are Dropping This Week?

  • Sept 23 - Barbie Fashion Show: An Eye For Style for DS and PC.
  • Sept 23 - Battle Rage: The Robot Wars for Wii.
  • Sept 23 - Buzz! Master Quiz for PSP.
  • Sept 23 - Buzz! Quiz TV for PS3.
  • Sept 23 - Dinosaur King for DS.
  • Sept 23 - Disgaea DS for DS.
  • Sept 23 - Dragon Ball Z Trilogy for PS2.
  • Sept 23 - Hi! Hamtaro Ham-Ham Challenge for DS.
  • Sept 23 - [kwlink]LEGO Batman[/kwlink] for DS, PC, PSP, PS2, PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii.
  • Sept 23 - Pure for PC and Xbox 360.
  • Sept 23 - Samba de Amigo for Wii.
  • Sept 23 - Singstar Pop Vol. 2 for PS2.
  • Sept 25 - Mega Man 9 for PS3 and Xbox 360.
  • Sept 25 - WipeOut HD for PS3.
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