The Choking Doberman

A woman came home from work one day to find her Doberman pinscher lying in the front entrance gagging and choking. She dropped her purse and tried to clear her dog's throat, but had no luck. Picking him up she rushed to her car and sped to the vet. Back to Article

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JennyD wrote:
2013-07-12 10:12:10 -0700

So cool! Dogs are awesome

SilverstreamFan327 wrote:
2012-05-02 16:53:33 -0700

I have a Doberman!!!!

lego technics rule!
lego technics rule! wrote:
2012-05-02 12:51:28 -0700

wow that is discusting.

mainmuffin wrote:
2011-08-03 09:24:16 -0700

OMG good dog!That is so creepy! TWO FINGERS!!! Scary!!!!

prppydawg294 wrote:
2011-08-02 16:27:37 -0700

This is so real, and cool too!

babybear20 wrote:
2011-08-02 16:24:24 -0700

this is a good story Big Grin

awanagirl wrote:
2011-07-18 22:21:07 -0700

yeah sure.. NOT REAL!!!

joslyn joy
joslyn joy wrote:
2011-07-18 07:14:41 -0700

Geeez that's had a really wierd twist to it....

im here
im here wrote:
2011-07-17 21:51:59 -0700

I have a doberman. He isn't mean though. xD

iBelieve wrote:
2011-07-17 21:46:00 -0700

That is Freaky!!

harryronhermione wrote:
2011-03-28 09:56:13 -0700

Hate Dobermans

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