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KooKeys are here! But what are KooKeys? Well, KooKeys are lovable, huggable, adorable plush toys that each come with a code to “unlock the fun” in KooKeys Kooland, which exists as an online website. Back to Article

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Funny_Person_LOL wrote:
2013-07-30 10:58:30 -0700

It's awesome!!!

Sissors wrote:
2012-04-08 12:14:30 -0700

Hello, Kooland Kookeys are the best. If u like online games, then u will like this game.

W5QEKL7JG8NH wrote:
2012-04-05 04:35:12 -0700

hey if u like bffs then join kookeys. just go to the intertnet and type in kooland kookeys then click the first one

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Yeah the gameplay can get kinds stale. For the first two nights just keep the door closed all night and the power will go out 2 seconds before 6 am. I don't really have a strategy for the 3-7 nights.
reply 11 minutes
Visual Aid
The gameplay does tend to get a little stale after a while. The camera itself is virtually useless unless you just want to see the layout of the restaurant. The only time it's helpful is when you watch foxy. If you don't check him regularly, he'll come at you. If you manage to close your door in time he'll bang on it, draining more and more power each time. Other than that, the camera is basically useless...
reply about 2 hours
It's not scary. And I don't understand it. 
reply about 2 hours
Visual Aid
You did a nice job at sugar-coating it... Unless you got some kid friendly version that I've never heard of...
reply about 2 hours
I like xBox, PlayStation, and Wii. Fat Princess, Black Ops, Battlefield, Mario Kart, King Kong, Little Big Planet.
reply about 3 hours