Dear Dish-It, My Flaws Caused the Break-Up

My boyfriend and I broke up due to some personality clashes and the fact that he wanted to see other girls. (He said that since we are both so young, he wasn't ready for a monogamous relationship.) Back to Article

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emmydimond13 wrote:
2014-01-19 02:52:53 -0800

so sorry im that last comment it was ment to say "its"not test

emmydimond13 wrote:
2014-01-19 02:51:51 -0800

if a boy doesn't like u
leave him
I know test a bit mean but u are ur own person

Christette wrote:
2014-01-18 23:00:26 -0800

Don't ever change for some boy!

JennyD wrote:
2013-09-29 19:14:29 -0700

You changed for a guy..

brunostar wrote:
2013-09-29 16:44:05 -0700

Smile Nose

:))Uniqually Meh;))
:))Uniqually Meh;)) wrote:
2012-11-26 17:44:45 -0800

dat be missed up!

Prophey wrote:
2012-11-26 17:41:18 -0800

in other words no...just no

Prophey wrote:
2012-11-26 17:33:24 -0800

this is a no if the boy is gonna make a relationship a secret then what is the point of a relationship

megan foxx456
megan foxx456 wrote:
2012-06-08 21:48:02 -0700


ladiibhadd wrote:
2012-06-08 21:26:52 -0700

ummm wow

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Love Him or Leave Him?

  • Liar should dump his sad butt.
  • She should ask him to set things straight, then give him a second chance.
  • She should be thankful to have him.

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Dear Dish-It in the forums

SelenaGomezFanGirl not too sure what the brown stuff is,but since you said you have not done it,you should trust yourself.And talk about it to your mom!I'm sure she will give you the best of advices and stuff because she would have probably experienced it before.So,don't be afraid,and approach her when she's vacant!Good Luck!
reply about 12 hours
no you shouldn't!I bet, the friends that are pressuring you are girls only because they are jealous of your girl,because of her personality and style,and probably, most likely that they wanna be your girlfriend as well! ~~comment me back if you like!:)                                                          
reply about 12 hours
You are perfect the way you are.
reply about 16 hours
InternetOwl posted in Friends:
I'm not sure whether you have actual depression or not (Ask your doctor if you feel you do, they'll be able to help. ^^), but I'm really sorry you feel depressed. I've been there too, and it really does feel like no one cares.   I know you said it's awkward, but try talking to your dad about it. You said he's the only one who seems to listen, so I'm sure he will listen and try to understand. If you start feeling really depressed every day, try doing things to make you feel happier. I don't know what you like to do, but you should do things like relaxing, reading, talking to people and spending more time outside. Smiling more often can help relieve stress and make you happier as well. c: Try meeting new people too. It seems as though your current friends are bringing you down, so you can try to talk to them if you like or find more friends who'll listen and care about you (however, try to keep your old friends as well. They are your friends after all, and it's hard being lonely). You've got friends on here too. But please don't think about doing anything harmful to yourself. You might not be thinking like that now, but being depressed can lead people to this and it's really not the answer.  Good luck! ^u^  
reply about 20 hours
FloraTheWolf posted in Friends:
And you can add me as a friend if you want :D
reply about 21 hours