Rudolph is a Girl Reindeer?

Did Santa know what he was doing when he gave all his reindeer guy names? He's a pretty smart guy but all his reindeer are females. Don't let Rudolph's name fool you. Or am I fooling you? Back to Article

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KayleighLovesYou. wrote:
2012-12-22 09:58:32 -0800

No, I Agree With Crystal. It's A Boy.

Locker09 wrote:
2012-12-22 06:51:59 -0800

I think it is a male Rudolph.

GinnyDobbyLuna24 wrote:
2012-12-22 06:07:50 -0800

its just a fun cartoon. no need to make a big deal over it.

darkueen wrote:
2012-12-21 19:20:10 -0800

Rudolph is a guy it says so rigth in the song "all of the other reindeer use to laff and call HIM names"

timeout444 wrote:
2012-12-21 16:51:51 -0800

Prancer, Dancer, and Vixen are the females -.- i do my research

vampirequeen999 wrote:
2012-12-21 16:45:18 -0800

he (i mean she!) is totaly female, because the reindeer all have antlers

Lorenzo42 wrote:
2012-12-21 16:10:56 -0800

lol no it wouldnt

XxCrystal.♥ wrote:
2012-12-21 16:10:09 -0800

But when i watched the movie, Rudolph had a gf reindeer, which name was Clarice. If Rudolph was a girl, that would just be wrong..

i live for anime!!!
i live for anime!!! wrote:
2012-12-21 15:58:08 -0800

I hope that he is female....

Lorenzo42 wrote:
2012-12-21 15:57:27 -0800

lol wow

Tyonnia wrote:
2012-12-21 15:55:01 -0800

ohh wow this is so blahh well gtg dont care dont want to talk about itt..

Blind Faith
Blind Faith wrote:
2012-12-21 15:49:00 -0800

Hey, you respond!

* Valeryy *_2288807
* Valeryy *_2288807 wrote:
2012-12-21 15:40:22 -0800

So.. Rundolph Is A Girl ?

Blind Faith
Blind Faith wrote:
2012-12-21 15:33:00 -0800

But reindeer aren't real ._.

team#naturalbeauty12 wrote:
2012-12-21 15:29:27 -0800

she dnt look like a gurl

sopygirl67 wrote:
2012-12-21 15:26:35 -0800

why do they have boy names if they are all girlz for that does not make no sence

kaykay is a lover
kaykay is a lover wrote:
2012-12-21 14:40:43 -0800

Like I care

lvargas2197 wrote:
2012-12-21 14:39:00 -0800

I dont like this

kaykay is a lover
kaykay is a lover wrote:
2012-12-21 14:36:22 -0800

Yey Boyd do stupid thing to

kaykay is a lover
kaykay is a lover wrote:
2012-12-21 14:32:55 -0800

Stupid people do stupid stuff like this

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