Dear Dish-It, How Do I Know if He Likes Me?

Dear Dish-It, I am crushing on this boy but I don’t know if he likes me back. What should I do to find out if he likes me back? Back to Article

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dragonfly- wrote:
2014-11-02 13:54:05 -0800

well u can tell if he likes u if he winks at u or smiles at u or if he hangs around u

I_Like_Waffles wrote:
2014-09-16 03:48:15 -0700

What about like when you sit near him he's always talking to his friend then looking back at you?

TheReal06 wrote:
2014-09-10 23:44:42 -0700

True this statement is. Just be careful, you don't want your love life to turn into a tragedy.

Iloveclark wrote:
2014-09-07 18:01:26 -0700

if u like his friend not him tell him or say no and ask out his friend u like

freebirdforevs wrote:
2014-08-24 21:36:01 -0700

tell him the truth a health relationships cant have lies.

bob195 wrote:
2014-08-12 00:03:43 -0700

not all boys are scared you know you could simply just ask him or ask his friends cause pretty much every time hell tell his friends

gypsyvintagegirl wrote:
2014-08-04 18:06:48 -0700

my old crush is crushing on me. smile and i like his friend. But my old crush asked me out. wat do i do? i've liked him for ages. Frustrated

Ramen-Chan wrote:
2014-07-18 14:59:43 -0700

Reading this reminds me I'm forever alone. :3

pricnesspea123 wrote:
2014-07-06 14:52:07 -0700

my crush likes me C;

rustyismypuppy wrote:
2014-07-06 14:49:02 -0700

tbh i wrather not know if he has a crush on me....also i have my best friend Bryann so i dont need anything els!!!

MonasYou wrote:
2014-07-06 13:57:10 -0700

@tobygamesfan No your not 0.0

MonasYou wrote:
2014-07-06 13:56:43 -0700

My crush likes me c:

tobygamesfan wrote:
2014-07-06 13:41:44 -0700

my crush would never like me... i'm to much of a freak and i'm to hideos

Skipley wrote:
2014-07-06 13:37:30 -0700

I like someone....o-o That's all I'm saying bruh.

jgirl183 wrote:
2014-06-27 03:40:17 -0700

i got a bf and i do love him but he likes to show off so he will kiss me in front of everyone and he will get angry if im hanging owt with other boys and he is with me all the time what do i do

ttby09 wrote:
2014-06-25 20:36:23 -0700

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Kit-Kat15 wrote:
2014-06-04 15:40:54 -0700

I've got a crush on two guys. Is that possible? Anyway One guy is in my class- a total goofball and the other a sophomore- a total troublemaker ( I can't exactly say he is a troublemaker because he really isn't but he's soooo attractive! ) the other guy is attractive too. I don't know who to chose. I give them clear signs I like him but they don't seem to get it. What should I do? Help me out

DJMari101 wrote:
2014-05-26 10:21:38 -0700

dish-it I need urgent help and I have a lot of questions. I ask you questions but you never text me back help Worried

american_brit wrote:
2014-04-22 13:07:48 -0700

Huh. Interesting...

american_brit wrote:
2014-04-22 13:04:07 -0700

I'm going to say that he probably does. I can't say what his guy friends are like, but if they aren't the type to tell each other EVERYTHING, then you should ask one of them. Then TELL HIM. If he likes you then he deserves to know you feel the same way. So... speak to him IN PERSON. I hope this helps.

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How Do You Know You're Crushing?

  • I daydream about the person 24/7.
  • I feel like I'm gonna puke.
  • I blush big-time!
  • All of the above - and so much more.

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"Charulata" wrote:What the hell. :p It's your fault that you're connected with this #####. I support your parents. I'm sorry, but that's really judgemental. It's who she is and we ought to respect her. And anyway, there is nothing wrong with her liking girls more than she likes boys. In fact, she might even be going through an awkward adolescent phase where she doesn't exactly know who she prefers more.  Also, I think her parents will learn to accept the fact and all of them will be able to move on. 
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What the Hell is your friend. A girl is pregnant without 18th? Yuck! 
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What the hell. :p It's your fault that you're connected with this #####. I support your parents.
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yasssssssss ##### :p
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