Christmas Record Breakers

Do you know what the largest gift was? How about how tall the largest Christmas angel ornament was? Or the most expensive toy? You'd never guess what it is. Keep reading to find out... Back to Article

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Best Christmas Gift? Vote!

  • Something gigantic.
  • Something expensive.
  • The most unique gift is the best.
  • It doesn't matter. It's the thought that counts.

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DavidBecker posted in Debating:
Which movie do you think is the best Frozen or Man of Steel?
reply about 1 hour
FreelyRenee posted in General:
Winning for once and all c;
reply about 1 hour
Oh this is a GREAT question. There are so many different choices. I'll give a few: Cliche choice: definitely HP (assuming I was a wizard) 2nd Cliche choice: Eragon (if I were an elf or a dragon rider) Slighty-less-cliche choice: His dark materials by Philip Pullman (ie the Golden Compass)  Non-Cliche choice: A childish-y series called The Gone
reply about 1 hour
I want to be Nico from The Medusa Project.
reply about 1 hour
I want to be Alice from Alice in wonderland :-) 
reply about 1 hour