Baseball Cards Meet Video Games

Topps has been making baseball cards since the 1950s but they’ve never been as cool as this. Now, baseball card collectors can actually watch players come to life with a little help from their home computer and a web cam. Back to Article

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Can Pujols Beat Bonds' Homer Record?

  • Yeah, Pujols is a way better player.
  • No, Bonds is the homerun king.
  • It doesn't matter - neither will beat Babe Ruth's record.
  • I don't follow baseball, so I'm not sure.

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-Gwen42-- posted in Basketball:
Still Duke!!!
reply about 3 hours
New Orleans Saints
reply about 4 hours
reply about 4 hours
izzylovesjack posted in Baseball:
San Francisco giants buster poseys my dream bf boo dodgers!!!
reply 1 day
karate is my sports and in the summer i mostly try out other sports  :) 
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