Basics of Our Solar System

Our little corner of the universe is full of planets, moons, and a sun. How much do you know about our galactic neighborhood? Back to Article

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Baby260 wrote:
2013-08-09 11:42:31 -0700

Science is my favorite subject. :x

Lexi1230_ wrote:
2012-12-15 00:13:32 -0800

I love anything to do with Space, Animals and Maths!!!

coolnam wrote:
2012-12-14 03:35:45 -0800

Love the solar system smile

Swaggieec: wrote:
2012-09-03 14:54:55 -0700

Im doing my science project on the Solar System (:

Prophey wrote:
2012-08-23 23:42:26 -0700

its funny because humans are only limited to the solar system for now but i look at time space reality and exsistance

_Obeyyy_ wrote:
2012-05-11 16:35:01 -0700

Im studinq Shooting Stars

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What's Your Favorite Heavenly Body?

  • Earth.
  • Mercury.
  • Jessica Alba.
  • Saturn.

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FeatheryOne posted in Debating:
Of course not. You cannot comment or theorise on something when you're extremely uninformed about said something.  My philosophy is you can only state, confidently, when you're actually knowledgeable on the moment. I, for example, know nothing about digital forensics, so I won't say something about it. Unfortunately many people still try to butt in without actually researching in today's public.
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A16 posted in Say Anything:
Bonjour before school! I absolutely hate the update my computer forced me to take! That is all....
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disney princess
Happy Halloween all! What are you doing this year?
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AlphaT posted in Debating:
Hmm.... In the grand scheme of things, opinion really doesn't matter. Just the entire construct of it. But when it comes to life, advise, and decision making....opinions do matter. And at that point, opinions are subjective because one opinion might matter to one person, while the other person might not value the same exact opinion being made. Answer: Yes and no, and even when yes; it's still no.
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Pink_Kitty posted in Debating:
It depends who you say it to and how you say it. If you are saying shut up joking to your best friend that's just funny but if you say shut up to someone seriously that is rude. If you say shut up to an adult or your parents that is just stupid.
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