No Playing Allowed

Adults are always telling kids not to spend all day inside playing video games or watching TV - but when kids actually try to play outside, parents put up signs telling them not to. Back to Article

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Dragonluver wrote:
2011-04-25 21:00:05 -0700

ugh I hate it when people want u to play outside but not sk8,hockey,or anything!But want u to play outside! My brother zombie102 just recently got a ripstick that he rides around on. I dont want anybody telling MY brother not to ride on it! >Frown COME ON PEOPLE! MAKE UP UR MIND! Do u want us to play outside or not?

joker_kid wrote:
2011-04-25 15:12:19 -0700

i agre i have had the cops called on me for stupid stuff like sk8ing i love to sk8 and then some old guy kept on yellin at me and then he eventualy called the cops but atleast he's gone now but this still doesn't tell me why ppl hate sk8rs or street hocky?

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Best Street Sport?

  • Street Ball.
  • Street Hockey.
  • Skating Street.

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