Spontaneous Human Combustion

Do you believe humans can suddenly burst into flames from the inside out? It's called spontaneous human combustion. Check out this story about Mary. Do you believe this really happened? Back to Article

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PeaceLoveEmpathy27 wrote:
2013-01-23 16:27:14 -0800

Omg I love researching SHC it's paranormal phenomena intrests me! Big Grin

Terwythian wrote:
2013-01-23 15:09:11 -0800

Well our first drummer died of a strange gardening accident,and our second drummer disappeared,but our third drummer was playing on stage one night,and once he got to his solo,he just exploded. Spontaneous combustion is the third largest death.

I hope someone got my reference Big Grin

-Future-Mankind-_2350847 wrote:
2013-01-23 15:08:13 -0800

Is there a normal side of Kidzworld?

brunostar wrote:
2013-01-23 15:05:06 -0800

lol me too o_o

-Future-Mankind-_2350847 wrote:
2013-01-23 15:01:27 -0800

I'm on the weird side of Kidzworld again O_O

brunostar wrote:
2013-01-23 15:00:13 -0800


Poison&Wine_2036625 wrote:
2012-04-14 12:52:01 -0700

Idk what to think about it

Steph.loves.youu wrote:
2012-04-14 10:25:11 -0700

Ouch!!! xD

RSWithMe wrote:
2012-01-10 16:51:03 -0800

I believe it entirely. I also think it has something to do with stomach acids igniting from a sudden warmth, creating a spark, blowing the acid up, therefor igniting the body, and burning it to ashes.

The ancient Greeks believed that the God of Death, Hades, would descend upon a person doing things he did not admire, and burn them putting the flames out with the water from the sacred river Phlegethon (river of fire). That is all I know.

-LadyOfTheWood_1829050 wrote:
2011-11-22 09:09:09 -0800


KaylaSweet wrote:
2011-11-21 18:20:37 -0800

I wish that some of the people I know would all of suddenly burst into flames WITHOUT me lighting a match.

Makenzie$WAGG wrote:
2011-07-18 14:54:54 -0700

i won't believe it

MiniGagaLover wrote:
2011-07-18 14:50:08 -0700


neitra wrote:
2011-07-18 14:48:20 -0700


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