Dear Dish-It: Am I In Love?

I think I'm in love, but I keep hearing the same thing: "You're too young." But I can't stop thinking about my crush. He's my idea of perfect: understanding, sweet, smart, wonderful, and just the best guy a girl could dream of. He's not cute, but I don't Back to Article

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shaelan101 wrote:
2011-10-12 14:43:02 -0700

I like his guy but he doesn't know it.How can i tell him help

freetobeme318 wrote:
2011-06-25 06:55:12 -0700

this guy at my summer camp loves me and i love him but we dont go out Frown i want to ask him but i feel weird asking him dont boys ask girls if they wana go out Confused

Ally2011 wrote:
2011-04-28 14:39:21 -0700

Yup i am

SydneyLovesU wrote:
2011-03-25 23:35:17 -0700

I was

Lubbydubbychica wrote:
2011-02-25 10:37:43 -0800

im in luv wit this guy and he luvs me back

niyia113 wrote:
2010-10-29 09:29:37 -0700

im so in love with this guy

sara_1602033 wrote:
2010-10-01 21:11:36 -0700

yes me tooooooooo

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Have You Ever Been in Love?

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Dear Dish-It in the forums

Peppy.San posted in Friends:
If people ask me about scars I don't feel comfortable explaining, I just tell them I don't want to talk about it. Most of my actual 'friends' know where they came from. Otherwise, your body isn't anyone elses business and, if they push, know you can tell them so. Take care.
reply about 2 hours
Snickers147 posted in Style:
People at my school thinks I'm not pretty and That i try to hard to make myself look pretty and I get mean comments on my pictures by people calling me names and people always say I'm ugly and not pretty and it makes me feel sad and hurt and highs school post to be fun but people makes it worst and not fun for me cause they keep calling me names. 
reply about 2 hours
Aww thank you very much :3 
reply about 3 hours
Sorry you have to go through this. I've been in a couple similar situations with my dad, and although it sucks for us too, I really chewed him out for my little sisters sake. I'm not saying start a fight (that was stupid for me to do), but it is important that they understand that scrapping in the home where the little'ns are present is unacceptable. It really screws you up, living with that. They should know that if they're going to fight to do it someplace else. Sometimes we have to remind them. ... The relationship between your dad and his girlfriend is their business. Their issues have nothing to do with you guys, you are never the problem... but it also isn't your place to dictate their relationship. If they break up, then it was inevitable and probably for the best. Fighting doesn't always mean the end though. They may just be going through a rough time.
reply about 3 hours
 :) Aww thank you :D 
reply about 6 hours