Hall of Shame - Embarrassing Moments

I was wearing a loose tankini and they all dared me to do a major canonball - of course I did. But when I came up I didn't realize that my top had come off so I came up and everyone saw my chest. Back to Article

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monster master 06
monster master 06 wrote:
2011-08-28 21:27:09 -0700

i heard logan henderson from big time rush was here?????????????!!???

codysimpsonishot wrote:
2011-08-28 20:21:39 -0700

one time my boyfriend bestfriend asked me do u like zach? im like idk and he yelled across the pool zach she said yes! i was soo flipping embarresed

BubbleShockX wrote:
2011-08-28 06:35:59 -0700

once my frend sed 2 me tht there was sum1 gay at my scool but he didt no who it was so i was ment to say i dont know either but i sedby accident so ur not gay either Embarrassed

mankind_1411311 wrote:
2011-08-27 17:43:25 -0700

once when i was 9 a bunch of people were in the hallways so my pants fell down and i was so inberresed lol

FuledByRain wrote:
2011-08-25 06:48:51 -0700


misssave2s wrote:
2011-08-22 12:23:00 -0700

When I was at the airport I was on the bathroom and my little sister was in there she opened the door, I told her to shut it but she could'nt because she's 2 and people were looking at me crying on the toilet.

jade01 wrote:
2011-08-22 10:05:22 -0700

woah wow that was really embarrasing dont worry everybody shouldve forgot about it and act like a friend

howler gaia
howler gaia wrote:
2011-08-10 17:05:13 -0700

are you in the hospital?

howler gaia
howler gaia wrote:
2011-08-10 17:04:16 -0700

i didnt like it too many words

howler gaia
howler gaia wrote:
2011-08-10 17:03:55 -0700

i didnt like it too many words lolz

shortie_angelie wrote:
2011-08-10 16:55:47 -0700

hahaha thats funny stuff! smile

iamemogurl2 wrote:
2011-08-10 02:25:17 -0700

i laughted soo hard at your moment of shame

volleyball_lover35 wrote:
2011-07-21 15:10:21 -0700

lol haler..lmao!smile)

hotprincesses wrote:
2011-07-21 07:34:15 -0700

WOw thaank u Enjoy.

ok Muah Angel Devil

jesus freak #50
jesus freak #50 wrote:
2011-07-11 13:49:59 -0700

your welcome smile

RC31 wrote:
2011-07-10 19:04:21 -0700

Thank You

jesus freak #50
jesus freak #50 wrote:
2011-07-10 19:01:01 -0700


jesus freak #50
jesus freak #50 wrote:
2011-07-10 18:59:55 -0700

That was a god thing for you to do! Cool Tongue Out Love smile Wink

RC31 wrote:
2011-07-10 18:08:37 -0700

I was trying 2 impress the 2 new boys at school. i was playing football by them and they started 2 look at me. Next thing I know I get hit by the football in my head and I fall and hit the floor hard as ... My friends help me up and I have a BIG cut in my leg and they r laughing at me. I started to cry. I WAS EMBARRASS! I ran to the locker room crying. My friends came in and help me. I walk back out. One of the new boys fall and I went over and helped them. I was Embarrass but I helped them up.

I love Shishons
I love Shishons wrote:
2011-06-26 08:01:28 -0700

I was jumping rope and my pants fell down infront of the whole class and I didnt know so I kept jumping for like 5 min. !!!!!!!!!!


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Hall of Shame - Pick the Winner!

  • Getting caught singing the Frosted Flakes song.
  • Getting caught by your crush singing a goofy song.
  • Losing your tankini in front of your BF's friends.
  • Having people think you said you like a dorky guy.

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