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prettyquashaswag wrote:
2011-04-11 04:12:58 -0700

look jayden u just need to stop putting stuff up here becuz u just anit doing them u just want some 1 t o do it for u dummmmy

jaydyn000 wrote:
2011-04-05 23:41:52 -0700

Are you doing a science fair project or areyou just doing
comenting on some of the science projects.This is my science fair page i will have only students that are doing science projects on this page.........SIKE!!!! i don't own it i was just playing with you but please add me.

taylorgang trinity_1700145
taylorgang trinity_1700145 wrote:
2011-03-09 07:37:01 -0800


ambreya wrote:
2011-03-09 04:54:25 -0800

i luvs kdz world idd have school stuff for children nd idd is safe for childrens

James wrote:
2011-02-24 06:07:56 -0800

Good Stuff!

tess_290 wrote:
2011-02-15 13:44:42 -0800

this is great Love

sailormoon wrote:
2010-11-18 09:14:25 -0800

cool. Last year my class made solar ovens and we baked cookies with them.

Valerie wrote:
2010-11-13 03:29:11 -0800

this is great

guera01_1633621 wrote:
2010-11-12 01:03:02 -0800

heyy gurlss

Wildking324 wrote:
2010-07-30 01:04:39 -0700

nice.... smile

kantstop15 wrote:
2010-07-12 17:54:28 -0700

Im doin this. For my science project next year

Heliosis wrote:
2010-05-21 12:09:24 -0700

I try it and it was very accurate

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Fave Kind of Science Experiment?

  • Something that blows up or explodes.
  • A project that creates enough energy to cook a ham.
  • I prefer to write reports and draw diagrams.
  • I like experimenting with robots and mechanical machines that will be useful.

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Both. :3
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