Dear Dish-It: Help Me Find A Grad Gown!

I’m so happy – this year I’m graduating from middle school and it’s a very exciting occasion for me! The graduation isn't going to be formal at all; my school said for girls to wear a summer or spring dress. But the only problem is that I am a maj Back to Article

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JennyD wrote:
2013-09-22 14:56:32 -0700

You've already graduated from elementary school so

ThenameisShanty wrote:
2013-05-08 16:23:09 -0700

congrats michelle! graduating 8th grade, were all proud of you

-Amazinq.Ashlee.x3.- wrote:
2012-01-16 08:12:03 -0800

ayee , im graduating this year in june from the 8th grade . ♥ wooo hooo . ♥

random ninja xD
random ninja xD wrote:
2011-03-28 16:02:06 -0700

I Think That My Style Is Tomboy But, I Reccomend A Pale Pinky Orange Dress Would Be A Good Choice smile

kaligirl101 wrote:
2010-06-02 08:30:01 -0700

CTG congradulations on graduting to middle school hope u get a beautiful graduting gown... I hope it a pretty dress

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What's Your Prom Style?

  • A simple, classic gown.
  • Anything that's glamorous and fabulous!
  • Something vintage.
  • No dresses for me - I'm wearing pants.

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what about me? :(
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Cell phones , Laptops , Tab and many more technological things are useful & very good to us. But equally it's addicting. I think your mom understand that. And how old are you? What will you do with a cellphone now? SMS and etc yeas? Parents should give  these things after 17. Before that , you are too young for cellphones.
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"CabeAlmighty" wrote:Ok no offense but red…. kinda ugly color for hair... sayng no offense doesnt work when you are calling something ugly m8. Also red is an awesome colour for hair, have you never seen a redhead before? They look awesome. I dyed my hair red because i like the colour red and red hair looks great on me.
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CabeAlmighty posted in Style:
Ok no offense but red…. kinda ugly color for hair...
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A year ago my grandfather had died. It's still hard, but in time, everything will be okay, I believe. Just recently my friend's mom died. 
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