Dear Dish-It: I'm Crushing On My Teacher

I have a mega-crush on my history teacher. I'm 14 and he's 26. I know nothing can happen between us. I think he kinda likes me – as a student, of course. I work hard in his lessons and do my best at the homework. I really, really like him, but I bet he Back to Article

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crazyforlife123 wrote:
2014-03-25 20:04:26 -0700

I just think she should GET OVER IT!

PInkpink_ wrote:
2014-03-09 08:35:42 -0700

this is weird. I would never crush on someone 12 years older than me, oUo

jordand08 wrote:
2013-11-26 10:43:01 -0800

Yeah, I agree

musicmadness wrote:
2013-11-26 10:41:42 -0800

nearly every girl goes through this, its natural..... not stupid

Amy_amelia wrote:
2013-11-26 09:53:05 -0800

aww i feel for u in my school we use to have a really hot teacher and i use to to think i loved him obviously i now know that i didnt love him it was just a girly crush type of thing. ur gonna get over it soon

JennyD wrote:
2013-11-23 17:18:38 -0800


musicmadness wrote:
2013-11-01 08:51:42 -0700

i know how you feel.... i a have a crush on one of m teachers too Frustrated

JennyD wrote:
2013-07-06 10:35:36 -0700

In PLL Aria has a relationship with her teacher

roczgurl2 wrote:
2012-11-30 16:30:28 -0800

i HATE my teacher i dont like none of them!

lilmiss_swag143 wrote:
2012-11-29 16:23:01 -0800

Ik how you feel Nova. I wear a headscarf AND facecover to school. I like one of my teachers but I just do really good in his class and he notices me

Obey__Kimberly wrote:
2012-11-17 15:19:06 -0800

My Teachers B In Their 30s And Dont Have Any Hair

R I S S A ;**♥
R I S S A ;**♥ wrote:
2012-11-17 15:16:53 -0800

iAinn ' Got Hardly Noo Oldd Teachersss ; Onee Of My Teacherss Still In Her 20'ss

Obey__Kimberly wrote:
2012-11-17 15:15:23 -0800

Half Of My Teachers Dont Have Any Hair In The Middle Of Their Head

R I S S A ;**♥
R I S S A ;**♥ wrote:
2012-11-17 15:13:01 -0800

Thatss Jusssss Umphhhhh .....

'Broken;Down' wrote:
2012-11-17 15:08:19 -0800

What the fricking frick .

unicorns101:) wrote:
2012-11-03 13:34:14 -0700

There is a history teacher at my school who is 23 and every body thinks hes cute..But hes really bad as a teaher!!! :P

genii wrote:
2012-11-01 19:41:25 -0700


jayswish wrote:
2012-11-01 19:38:31 -0700

i hav a so serious crush on my social studies teacher

beautifulme40 wrote:
2012-10-31 12:34:42 -0700

I hav 1 hot male teacher but hes 22

adoza wrote:
2012-10-31 10:37:39 -0700

why that Frustrated

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