Dear Dish-It: My Ex Is Racist

I found out my crush told people that he hates white people just to get a rep and get popular. He wasn’t always like this – he used to be sweet. I thought we had something special – I’m crying right now just thinking about him. I'll never get over Back to Article

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JennyD wrote:
2013-09-19 20:59:13 -0700

Messed up though it was just a crush

talentdancer111 wrote:
2012-06-18 07:54:16 -0700

hard decision to make but you will make the right one good luck smile smile smile smile smile

stunna101 wrote:
2012-06-17 21:24:44 -0700

dat cray

Mαdεlειη ♡
Mαdεlειη ♡ wrote:
2012-06-17 21:06:05 -0700

I had a bf that hated black people .

nickimanjfan90 wrote:
2012-06-17 19:17:47 -0700

It will be okay.....


spiceysprinkels wrote:
2012-01-24 17:26:04 -0800

Well,when your dealing with this problem think of all the people he hurt and i guess you would eventualy get over him,or say to youself love doesn't hurt

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Just your personality should be fine.
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White shirt with a skull on it and some text on the back that I can't remember, dark blue jeans, black socks, and a wristwatch.
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I'm wearing a hot pink shirt with a cat in a floral boot, and very skinny jeans, and some green, orange, and blue, striped socks. If you want me to include my hairstyle, then, I have 2 adorable buns, with a bit of hair sticking out. ^_^
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I don't mind My school Uniform tbh. Mine Is Light blue and Black, We don't have to wear ties or Blazers  Quite Simple
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I think you should try to get to know both guys first! A crush only lasts no longer than four months. Take that time to get to know them. Then you'll see how you feel about them c: Don't rush into a relationship. It's never good and someone always ends up hurt or unhappy!
reply about 11 hours