Election Day

Turning 18 is a big deal. It means you are legal to serve on a jury, buy spray paint in the U.S., join the army and vote. In the U.S., women weren't allowed to vote til 1920! Back to Article

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wolfiegal wrote:
2014-02-03 18:32:32 -0800

Obama is awesome Wink Grin

sugalover wrote:
2012-11-18 14:59:17 -0800

ewwww mitt romney sorry honeybooboo but obama rules

sugalover wrote:
2012-11-18 14:58:48 -0800


sugalover wrote:
2012-11-18 14:58:25 -0800

i totally agree with this article and boo mit romney and yay for obama

smileyface1234 wrote:
2012-11-18 14:54:16 -0800

boo mitt romney! obama won yay!

@Selena_Gomez_Love wrote:
2012-11-18 14:22:37 -0800

Go Mitt romney he lost BOO!

bratzgurl20 wrote:
2012-11-18 14:22:25 -0800

boo obama

bratzgurl20 wrote:
2012-11-18 14:21:40 -0800

go mint rombey

mrs. princeton my baby
mrs. princeton my baby wrote:
2012-11-11 14:58:12 -0800

GO OBAMA!!!!!!!!

kianaworld2 wrote:
2012-11-10 17:59:24 -0800

I LOVE OBAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jamee503 wrote:
2012-11-10 11:56:41 -0800


briboo222 wrote:
2012-11-10 11:07:43 -0800

yess im so happy go obama! smile

;StunninglyBeautiful_2251687 wrote:
2012-11-10 09:46:58 -0800

I Love Obama ♥ He's Amazing cx

MILAHLAH_2114879 wrote:
2012-11-10 08:58:09 -0800

Awesome, Obama won and I'm happy!

-Memories wrote:
2012-11-10 07:39:49 -0800

YAY Obama won Big Grin

ice cream girl
ice cream girl wrote:
2012-11-10 07:39:03 -0800


LWWY21 wrote:
2012-11-09 12:36:17 -0800

so true

Vee-Vee wrote:
2012-11-09 04:19:25 -0800

Obama is the best, and Obama is puttin' them words in action to change the world, that's soo cool...

HurtObama is #1)# smile

Jingles429 wrote:
2012-11-09 02:08:56 -0800

Thank u smile

2012-11-08 21:04:32 -0800

ya obama rules bc he is awsome and romney is a #%$@#

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Fave November Holiday?

  • I think Veterans Day is an important holiday.
  • Thanksgiving - turkey and sweet potato pie all in one day!
  • I like Guy Fawkes!
  • The Day of the Dead is the coolest November holiday.

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Charulata posted in General:
Uncle Pen played the fiddle, Lord, how it rang, You could hear it talk, you could hear it sing!  Your turn G.
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Nebula- posted in Debating:
Boys: Zayn. / Niall. Girls: Zynah. / Megan.  XD
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