Disney Netpal: Netbook Review

A company called ASUS and – you all know this one – Disney have teamed up on a brand-new netbook called the Netpal, which is designed just for kids to make computing more fun, more web-safe and easier than ever before! Back to Article

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Jeff123 wrote:
2013-02-03 23:57:14 -0800

The netbook seems to be in nice condition. But, for those who actually want to buy this. Don't limit yourselves here. Go buy an ASUS that is around 15.1in. That will give you a great scree to see everything. But the netbook is a very good one for it's kind.

zanda1 wrote:
2011-11-17 11:29:26 -0800

This netbook is so awsome i really want one in the magic blue. Love
PS its got my vote. Wink

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