Product Placement - Good, Bad or Ugly?

The average American comes into contact with about 5,000 ads everyday. With TV commercials, billboards, radio ads, commercials before movies and now product placement in movies. When does it become too much to handle? Back to Article

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Worst Use of Product Placement?

  • AOL in Meg Ryan's flick You've got Mail.
  • Mountain Dew on Survivor.
  • Doritos on.... you guessed it, Survivor.
  • Ford on Survivor, yet again.

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marisa328 posted in TV Shows:
Yjaden from yugioh gx, takuya from digimon, and goten from dragonball Z
reply 2 minutes
CandyDreamer posted in Celebs:
uh i am not really a fan
reply about 4 hours
LollipopR posted in Celebs:
Selena Gomez is talented but I'm not much of a fan
reply about 5 hours
Ariana Grande And Lucy HaleĀ :)
reply about 6 hours
yo mama so fat that dora could barely even explore her.
reply about 7 hours