Top 10 Teen Style Icons

Is there a certain celeb you try to emulate (look like) or is your fashion sense a mix of all your fave stars? Back to Article

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girly665 wrote:
2013-10-24 07:14:38 -0700

my fashion icon is Taylor Swift!!!

MairiStarz wrote:
2013-08-09 04:27:53 -0700

My fashion icon is Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift and Lindsay Lohan x

lalalovesyou wrote:
2012-07-25 23:18:16 -0700

My fashion Icon is Emma stone...

sunshinerainy wrote:
2012-06-17 14:43:33 -0700

Whyy The Fhug Is Lindsay #1??

dabaddest123 wrote:
2012-06-17 13:38:18 -0700

ikr @quandra

quandra*bhadd_2021551 wrote:
2012-06-17 13:35:14 -0700

Whyy Thee Hell Iss Lindsay 1 Thats Likee Sayinq Nobody Likees Justin Bieber Df !

kaitlyn4100 wrote:
2012-04-14 16:38:04 -0700

i do not really like lindsay lohan

purplezebra1235 wrote:
2012-04-13 15:00:20 -0700

taylor is NOT 17

kate723 wrote:
2012-04-13 13:35:11 -0700

i like taylor's dress

selenatorforever wrote:
2012-04-13 11:19:59 -0700

i like taylor dress

rainmist wrote:
2012-04-13 11:17:27 -0700

I like mileys dress

lovesong 21
lovesong 21 wrote:
2012-04-13 11:16:16 -0700

taylor has an awsome outfit

rockcy wrote:
2011-07-30 07:49:50 -0700

booo to all except the jonas brothers
they are the awsomest

blinkie wrote:
2011-04-24 14:42:37 -0700

i love it! my Fave are!
1# Vanessa
2# Miley
3# emma
and 4# talyor

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Biggest Fashion Offence?

  • Britney - hop on a Hog and drive away!
  • Christina - Surprise! The girl is a nightmare!
  • Willa Ford - talk about NO fashion sense!

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