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Yu-Gi-Oh World Championship 2009 :: Card Passwords

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Below you will find a list of practically all the cards in Yu-Gi-Oh up to date. Any missing cards are either not in World Championship 2009 or can be found in any of our previous card password lists.

Note that you cannot buy these cards in the shop unless you already have unlocked them by finding them in booster packs or winning them off duel opponents in story mode. Essentially these codes are for the extra copies of a card required for building a strong themed deck. If you need one or two more copies of a card to hit the maximum number allowed in a deck, check our list here. Make sure you have enough Duel Points! These cards are not free!

-- A --
Name Password Cost
A Cell Breeding Device 34541863 150DP
A Cell Incubator 64163367 150DP
A Cell Scatter Burst 73262676 150DP
7 Colored Fish 23771716 300DP
7 Completed 86198326 150DP
A Cat of Ill Omen 24140059 300DP
A Feather of the Phoenix 49140998 600DP
A Feint Plan 68170903 150DP
A Legendary Ocean 295517 300DP
A Rival Appears! 5728014 300DP
Absolute End 27744077 150DP
Absorbing Kid from the Sky 49771608 150DP
Abyss Soldier 18318842 300DP
Abyssal Kingshark 44223284 150DP
Acid Trap Hole 41356845 150DP
Acolyte of the Ice Barrier 20700531 150DP
Acrobat Monkey 47372349 150DP
Advanced Ritual Art 46052429 600DP
Airknight Parshath 18036057 1000DP
Alien Ammonite 652362 300DP
Alien Grey 62437709 150DP
Alien Hunter 62315111 300DP
Alien Hypno 38468214 150DP
Alien Mother 24104865 600DP
Alien Overlord 63253763 300DP
Alien Shocktrooper 97127906 600DP
Alien Skull 25920413 300DP
Alien Telepath 91070115 300DP
Alien Warrior 98719226 300DP
Alligator's Sword 64428736 150DP
Allsword Commander Gatmuz 53388413 600DP
Allure of Darkness 1475311 600DP
Ally Bomb 59482302 300DP
Ally Mind 40155554 150DP
Ally of Justice Blind Sucker 76650663 150DP
Ally of Justice Catastor 26593852 300DP
Ally of Justice Cyclone Creator 45586855 1000DP
Ally of Justice Enemy Catcher 45033006 300DP
Ally of Justice Garadholg 25771826 150DP
Ally of Justice Researcher 3648368 300DP
Ally of Justice Rudra 52265835 150DP
Ally of Justice Thousand Arms 85876417 150DP
Ally of Justice Unknown Crusher 22371016 300DP
Ally of Justice Unlimiter 82377606 150DP
Altar for Tribute 21070956 150DP
Amazon Archer 91869203 150DP
Amazoness Archers 67987611 300DP
Amazoness Blowpiper 73574678 150DP
Amazoness Chain Master 29654737 150DP
Amazoness Fighter 55821894 150DP
Amazoness Paladin 47480070 150DP
Amazoness Spellcaster 81325903 150DP
Amazoness Swords Woman 94004268 1000DP
Amazoness Tiger 10979723 150DP
Ambush Fangs 77972406 150DP
Amphibious Bugroth MK3 64342551 300DP
Amulet of Ambition 5183693 150DP
Ancient City Rainbow Ruins 34487429 600DP
Ancient Gear Beast 10509340 150DP
Ancient Gear Castle 92001300 600DP
Ancient Gear Engineer 1953925 300DP
Ancient Gear Knight 39303359 300DP
Ancient Gear Soldier 56094445 300DP
Ancient Gear Workshop 59811955 150DP
Ancient Rules 10667321 150DP
Ante 34236961 150DP
Anteatereatingant 13250922 150DP
AntiSpell 53112492 150DP
AntiSpell Fragrance 58921041 300DP
Apprentice Magician 9156135 600DP
Aqua Spirit 40916023 300DP
Aquarian Alessa 22377815 300DP
Arcana Call 99189322 150DP
Arcana Force 0 The Fool 62892347 150DP
Arcana Force I The Magician 8396952 150DP
Arcana Force III The Empress 35781051 150DP
Arcana Force IV The Emperor 61175706 150DP
Arcana Force VI The Lovers 97574404 150DP
Arcana Force VII The Chariot 34568403 150DP
Arcana Force XIV Temperance 60953118 300DP
Arcane Apprentice 40048324 150DP
Arcane Barrier 17896384 150DP
Archfiend General 48675364 300DP
Archfiend Marmot of Nefariousness 75889523 150DP
Archfiend Soldier 49881766 150DP
Archfiend's Roar 56246017 150DP
Armageddon Knight 28985331 300DP
Armed Dragon LV3 980973 300DP
Armed Dragon LV5 46384672 600DP
Armed Ninja 9076207 150DP
Armed Samurai Ben Kei 84430950 300DP
Armored Cybern 67159705 300DP
Armored Lizard 15480588 150DP
Armory Arm 29071332 1000DP
Arms Hole 52105192 600DP
Army Genex 93211836 600DP
Assault Beast 3431737 300DP
Assault Counter 76407432 150DP
Assault Mercenary 77036039 150DP
Assault Mode Activate 80280737 300DP
Assault on GHQ 62633180 150DP
Assault Revival 56252810 150DP
Assault Slash 40012727 150DP
Assault Teleport 29863101 300DP
Asura Priest 2134346 1000DP
Aussa the Earth Charmer 37970940 300DP
Autonomous Action Unit 71453557 600DP
Axe Dragonute 84914462 150DP
Axe of Despair 40619825 600DP
Axe Raider 48305365 150DP
Aztekipede- the Worm Warrior 75081613 150DP
-- B --
Name Password Cost
B.E.S. Big Core MK2 75937826 600DP
Babycerasaurus 36042004 150DP
Back to Square One 47453433 150DP
Backfire 82705573 150DP
Backs to the Wall 32603633 300DP
Bad Reaction to Simochi 40633297 150DP
Bait Doll 7165085 150DP
Ballista of Rampart Smashing 242146 150DP
Banisher of the Light 61528025 300DP
Banisher of the Radiance 94853057 300DP
Banner of Courage 10012614 150DP
Bark of Dark Ruler 41925941 300DP
Barrier Statue of the Abyss 84478195 150DP
Barrier Statue of the Stormwinds 73356503 150DP
Battery Charger 61181383 150DP
Batteryman AA 63142001 150DP
Batteryman C 19733961 150DP
Batteryman Charger 83446909 150DP
Batteryman D 55401221 150DP
Batteryman MicroCell 56839613 300DP
Battle Footballer 48094997 150DP
Battle Mania 31245780 300DP
Battle Ox 5053103 150DP
Battle Tuned 5052212 150DP
BattleScarred 94463200 150DP
Bazoo the SoulEater 40133511 150DP
Beast Soul Swap 35149085 150DP
Beckoning Light 16255442 300DP
Bee List Soldier 1474910 150DP
Beelze Frog 49522489 150DP
Begone- Knave! 20374520 150DP
Beiige- Vanguard of Dark World 33731070 150DP
Berserk Gorilla 39168895 600DP
Berserker Crush 15471265 150DP
Big Bang Shot 61127349 600DP
Big Evolution Pill 84808313 150DP
Big Piece Golem 25247218 600DP
Big Shield Gardna 65240384 600DP
Big Wave Small Wave 51562916 150DP
Birdface 45547649 150DP
Birthright 35539880 600DP
Black Garden 71645242 600DP
Black Ptera 90654356 150DP
Black Salvo 88671720 300DP
Black Stego 79409334 300DP
Black Veloci 52319752 150DP
Blackwing Bora the Spear 49003716 150DP
Blackwing Gale the Whirlwind 2009101 150DP
Blackwing Sirocco the Dawn 75498415 600DP
Bladefly 28470714 150DP
Blast Magician 21051146 600DP
Blast Sphere 26302522 150DP
Blast with Chain 98239899 150DP
Blasting the Ruins 21466326 150DP
Blaze Accelerator 69537999 150DP
Blazewing Butterfly 16984449 300DP
Blazing Inpachi 5464695 150DP
Blind Destruction 32015116 300DP
Blizzard Dragon 61802346 300DP
Blizzed- Guard of the Ice Barrier 60161788 600DP
Blowback Dragon 25551951 1000DP
Blue Thunder T45 14089428 300DP
BlueEyes White Dragon 89631139 1000DP
Bombardment Beetle 57409948 150DP
Book of Eclipse 35480699 150DP
Book of Life 2204140 150DP
Book of Moon 14087893 600DP
Book of Taiyou 38699854 300DP
Botanical Girl 84824601 300DP
Botanical Lion 20546916 300DP
Bottomless Trap Hole 29401950 300DP
Bountiful Artemis 32296881 300DP
Bowganian 52090844 150DP
Brain Control 87910978 600DP
Breaker the Magical Warrior 71413901 1000DP
Brionac- Dragon of the Ice Barrier 50321796 1000DP
Broken Blocker 60930169 150DP
Broww- Huntsman of Dark World 79126789 150DP
Brron- Mad King of Dark World 6214884 600DP
Bubble Crash 61622107 150DP
Bubonic Vermin 6104968 150DP
Burden of the Mighty 44947065 300DP
Burial from a Different Dimension 48976825 600DP
Burst Stream of Destruction 17655904 300DP
By Order of the Emperor 35011819 150DP
-- C --
Name Password Cost
Caius the Shadow Monarch 9748752 1000DP
Call of the Haunted 97077563 1000DP
Call of the Mummy 4861205 300DP
Cannon Soldier 11384280 300DP
Cannonball Spear Shellfish 95614612 150DP
Canyon 28120197 300DP
Card Destruction 72892473 1000DP
Card of Safe Return 57953380 300DP
Card Trader 48712195 600DP
Card Trooper 85087012 600DP
Carrierroid 46848859 300DP
Castle Walls 44209392 150DP
Catapult Turtle 95727991 300DP
Catnipped Kitty 96501677 150DP
Cat's Ear Tribe 95841282 150DP
Ceasefire 36468556 1000DP
Celestia- Lightsworn Angel 94381039 600DP
Cemetary Bomb 51394546 150DP
Cestus of Dagla 28106077 150DP
Chain Burst 48276469 150DP
Chain Disappearance 57139487 150DP
Chain Energy 79323590 150DP
Chain Material 39980304 150DP
Chain Strike 91623717 600DP
Chainsaw Insect 77252217 300DP
Chamberlain of the Six Samurai 44430454 150DP
Chaos End 61044390 300DP
Chaos Greed 97439308 150DP
Chaos Necromancer 1434352 150DP
ChaosEnd Master 46609443 300DP
Chaosrider Gustaph 47829960 150DP
Charcoal Inpachi 13179332 150DP
Charm of Shabti 50412166 150DP
Chiron the Mage 16956455 300DP
Chorus of Sanctuary 81380218 300DP
Chthonian Emperor Dragon 95888876 600DP
Cliff the Trap Remover 6967870 300DP
Cloudian Acid Cloud 17810268 150DP
Cloudian Altus 79703905 300DP
Cloudian Cirrostratus 43318266 300DP
Cloudian Ghost Fog 83604828 150DP
Cloudian Nimbusman 20003527 150DP
Cloudian Poison Cloud 83982270 150DP
Cloudian Sheep Cloud 56597272 300DP
Cloudian Smoke Ball 80825553 150DP
Cloudian Storm Dragon 13474291 150DP
Cloudian Turbulence 16197610 150DP
Cloudian Squall 90135989 150DP
Cocoon of Evolution 40240595 300DP
Cold Wave 60682203 150DP
Collected Power 7565547 150DP
Command Knight 10375182 300DP
Commander Covington 22666164 150DP
Compulsory Evacuation Device 94192409 300DP
Comrade Swordsman of Landstar 83602069 150DP
Contract with Exodia 33244944 150DP
Contract with the Abyss 69035382 150DP
Contract with the Dark Master 96420087 300DP
Convulsion of Nature 62966332 150DP
Copy Plant 66457407 150DP
Copycat 26376390 300DP
Cosmic Fortress Gol'gar 68319538 600DP
Cosmo Queen 38999506 150DP
Counter Counter 42309337 150DP
Covering Fire 74458486 150DP
Cranium Fish 18828179 150DP
Creature Seizure 15305240 300DP
Creature Swap 31036355 600DP
Crimson Ninja 14618326 150DP
Criosphinx 18654201 300DP
Cross Counter 37083210 150DP
Cross Porter 73146473 150DP
CrossSword Beetle 74976215 150DP
Crush Card Virus 57728570 1000DP
Crystal Abundance 72881007 300DP
Crystal Beacon 95326659 150DP
Crystal Beast Amber Mammoth 69937550 300DP
Crystal Beast Amethyst Cat 32933942 300DP
Crystal Beast Cobalt Eagle 21698716 150DP
Crystal Beast Emerald Tortoise 68215963 150DP
Crystal Beast Ruby Carbuncle 32710364 150DP
Crystal Beast Sapphire Pegasus 7093411 600DP
Crystal Beast Topaz Tiger 95600067 150DP
Crystal Blessing 35486099 150DP
Crystal Counter 11136371 150DP
Crystal Pair 47121070 150DP
Crystal Promise 8275702 300DP
Crystal Release 10004783 150DP
Crystal Seer 82099401 150DP
Crystal Tree 47408488 150DP
Cunning of the Six Samurai 27178262 150DP
Cup of Ace 37812118 150DP
Cure Mermaid 85802526 150DP
Curse of Anubis 66742250 300DP
Curse of Dragon 28279543 300DP
Cursed Fig 18489208 150DP
Cyber Archfiend 59907935 150DP
Cyber Dragon 70095154 600DP
Cyber Harpie Lady 80316585 150DP
Cyber Jar 34124316 150DP
Cyber Phoenix 3370104 300DP
Cyber Shadow Gardna 90440725 150DP
Cyber Valley 3657444 600DP
Cyberdark Edge 77625948 600DP
Cyberdark Horn 41230939 600DP
Cyberdark Impact! 80033124 300DP
Cyberdark Keel 3019642 600DP
CyberTech Alligator 48766543 150DP
-- D --
Name Password Cost
D.D. Assailant 70074904 600DP
D.D. Borderline 60912752 150DP
D.D. Crow 24508238 300DP
D.D. Designator 33423043 150DP
D.D. Dynamite 8628798 150DP
D.D. Scout Plane 3773196 150DP
D.D. Survivor 48092532 300DP
D.D. Warrior 37043180 300DP
D.D. Warrior Lady 7572887 1000DP
D.D.M. Different Dimension Master 82112775 300DP
D.D.R. Different Dimension Reincarnation 9622164 150DP
Damage = Reptile 44584775 300DP
Damage Condenser 28378427 150DP
Dancing Fairy 90925163 150DP
Dandylion 15341821 600DP
Dangerous Machine Type6 76895648 150DP
Dark Bribe 77538567 600DP
Dark Calling 12071500 300DP
Dark Cat with White Tail 8634636 150DP
Dark Crusader 91596726 150DP
Dark Driceratops 65287621 300DP
Dark Dust Spirit 89111398 150DP
Dark Effigy 81755371 600DP
Dark Elf 21417692 150DP
Dark Eruption 674561 300DP
Dark Factory of Mass Production 90928333 150DP
Dark Fusion 94820406 600DP
Dark Grepher 14536035 150DP
Dark Illusion 5562461 150DP
Dark Magic Attack 2314238 150DP
Dark Magic Curtain 99789342 150DP
Dark Magician 46986414 1000DP
Dark Magician Girl 38033121 300DP
Dark Mimic LV1 74713516 150DP
Dark Mimic LV3 1102515 150DP
Dark Red Enchanter 45462639 600DP
Dark Resonator 97021916 150DP
Dark Room of Nightmare 85562745 300DP
Dark Ruler Ha Des 53982768 1000DP
Dark Scorpion Chick the Yellow 61587183 300DP
Dark Scorpion Gorg the Strong 48768179 150DP
Dark Scorpion Meanae the Thorn 74153887 300DP
Dark Scorpion Burglars 40933924 150DP
Dark Scorpion Combination 20858318 150DP
Dark Valkyria 83269557 300DP
Dark World Dealings 74117290 300DP
Dark World Lightning 93554166 150DP
Darkfire Dragon 17881964 150DP
Debris Dragon 14943837 300DP
Deck Devastation Virus 35027493 1000DP
Decoy Dragon 2732323 600DP
Defender- the Magical Knight 2525268 600DP
Defense Draw 24268052 600DP
DeFusion 95286165 300DP
Degenerate Circuit 36995273 150DP
Dekoichi the Battlechanted Locomotive 87621407 150DP
Delta Attacker 39719977 150DP
Demise of the Land 48934760 300DP
Des Counterblow 39131963 150DP
Des Croaking 44883830 150DP
Des Frog 84451804 150DP
Des Koala 69579761 300DP
Des Lacooda 2326738 150DP
Des Wombat 9637706 150DP
Descending Lost Star 42079445 150DP
DeSpell 19159413 150DP
Destiny Board 94212438 1000DP
Destiny Draw 45809008 300DP
Destiny Hero Blade Master 55461064 150DP
Destiny Hero Dasher 81866673 150DP
Destiny Hero Defender 54749427 300DP
Destiny Hero Diamond Dude 13093792 300DP
Destiny Hero Doom Lord 41613948 300DP
Destiny Hero Fear Monger 80744121 300DP
Destiny Hero Malicious 9411399 600DP
Destiny Mirage 15294090 150DP
Destroyersaurus 80186010 150DP
Destruction Jammer 98956134 300DP
Destructotron 11232355 300DP
Dewloren- Tiger Prince of the Ice Barrier 70583986 1000DP
Dice Jar 3549275 150DP
Different Dimension Capsule 11961740 150DP
Diffusion WaveMotion 87880531 150DP
Dimension Wall 67095270 300DP
Dimensional Alchemist 36733451 600DP
Dimensional Fissure 81674782 300DP
Dimensional Prison 70342110 600DP
Dimensionhole 22959079 300DP
Disenchanter 76137614 600DP
Diskblade Rider 41113025 600DP
Disturbance Strategy 77561728 150DP
Divine Dragon Ragnarok 62113340 150DP
Divine Fowl King Alector 17573739 1000DP
Divine Sword Phoenix Blade 31423101 600DP
Divine Wrath 49010598 600DP
DNA Transplant 56769674 300DP
Doctor Cranium 22171591 300DP
Don Zaloog 76922029 600DP
Doom Shaman 94944637 600DP
Doomcaliber Knight 78700060 600DP
Doomkaiser Dragon 6021033 1000DP
Doriado's Blessing 23965037 150DP
Double Attack 34187685 150DP
Double Summon 43422537 150DP
DoubleEdged Sword Technique 21007444 150DP
Dragon Ice 64262809 150DP
Dragon Manipulator 63018132 150DP
Dragon's Mirror 71490127 150DP
Dragon's Rage 54178050 150DP
Draining Shield 43250041 150DP
Dramatic Rescue 80193355 150DP
Drastic Drop Off 4440873 300DP
Drillroid 71218746 300DP
DUCKER Mobile Cannon 14506878 600DP
Dunames Dark Witch 12493482 300DP
Dupe Frog 46239604 300DP
Dust Barrier 31476755 150DP
Dust Tornado 60082869 300DP
-- E --
Name Password Cost
E Emergency Call 213326 300DP
Eatgaboon 42578427 150DP
Ebon Magician Curran 46128076 300DP
Ekibyo Drakmord 69954399 150DP
Elegant Egotist 90219263 150DP
Elemental Hero Bubbleman 79979666 300DP
Elemental Hero Clayman 84327329 150DP
Elemental Hero Darkbright 41517968 300DP
Elemental Hero Gaia 16304628 300DP
Elemental Hero Heat 98266377 150DP
Elemental Hero Ice Edge 41077745 300DP
Elemental Hero Necroid Shaman 81003500 150DP
Elemental Hero Necroshade 89252153 300DP
Elemental Hero Neos Alius 69884162 600DP
Elemental Hero Ocean 37195861 300DP
Elemental Hero Prisma 89312388 600DP
Elemental Hero Sparkman 20721928 300DP
Elemental Hero Stratos 40044918 600DP
Elemental Hero Thunder Giant 61204971 600DP
Elemental Hero Voltic 9327502 150DP
Elemental Hero Wildheart 86188410 300DP
Elemental Hero Woodsman 75434695 300DP
Elemental Mistress Doriado 99414168 300DP
Embodiment of Apophis 28649820 150DP
Emergency Provisions 53046408 600DP
Emergency Teleport 67723438 150DP
Emissary of the Afterlife 75043725 150DP
Emperor Sem 21672573 300DP
End of the World 8198712 300DP
Enemy Controller 98045062 600DP
Enishi- Shien's Chancellor 38280762 600DP
Enraged Battle Ox 76909279 300DP
Eria the Water Charmer 74364659 300DP
Escape from the Dark Dimension 31550470 150DP
Everliving Underworld Cannon 31467372 300DP
Evil Hero Infernal Gainer 95943058 300DP
Exarion Universe 63749102 300DP
Executioner of Mist Valley 41978142 150DP
Exiled Force 74131780 1000DP
Exodia Necross 12600382 1000DP
Exodia the Forbidden One 33396948 1000DP
Exploder Dragon 20586572 300DP
Expressroid 984114 150DP
-- F --
Name Password Cost
Fairy Box 21598948 300DP
Fairy King Truesdale 45425051 150DP
Fairy Meteor Crush 97687912 300DP
Fairy of the Spring 20188127 300DP
Fake Explosion 41234315 150DP
Falcon of Mist Valley 82199284 150DP
Falling Down 32919136 150DP
FamiliarPossessed Aussa 31887905 300DP
FamiliarPossessed Eria 68881649 300DP
FamiliarPossessed Hiita 4376658 300DP
FamiliarPossessed Wynn 31764353 300DP
Feng Shui Master of the Ice Barrier 56704140 150DP
Fenrir 218704 150DP
Fiend Roar Deity Galbas 60434101 300DP
Fiend Roar Deity Grimlo 24040093 600DP
Fiend Roar Deity Kushano 97439806 150DP
Fiend Roar Deity Luri 97651498 150DP
Fiend Roar Deity Raven 47217354 1000DP
Fiend's Sanctuary 24874630 300DP
Final Attack Orders 52503575 150DP
Final Countdown 95308449 300DP
Final Flame 73134081 150DP
Fine 92595643 150DP
Fire Darts 43061293 150DP
Fire Princess 64752646 150DP
Fires of Doomsday 46173679 150DP
Fish Depth Charge 58873391 150DP
Fissure 66788016 1000DP
Flame Swordsman 45231177 300DP
Flamvell Archer 54326448 150DP
Flamvell Baby 13761956 150DP
Flamvell Dragnov 68226653 150DP
Flamvell Fiend 91711547 600DP
Flamvell Gurnika 77372241 300DP
Flamvell Magical 95621257 150DP
Flamvell Paun 28332833 300DP
Flamvell Urquizas 53714009 300DP
Flip Flop Frog 81278754 150DP
Flying Kamakiri #1 84834865 300DP
Foolish Burial 81439173 300DP
Forced Back 43340443 150DP
Fortress Warrior 66288028 600DP
Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo 42009836 600DP
Fossil Excavation 23869735 150DP
Fossil Tusker 17706537 150DP
Fox Fire 88753985 150DP
Fragrance Storm 69584564 150DP
Freed the Brave Wanderer 16556849 150DP
Freed the Matchless General 49681811 150DP
Freya- Spirit of Victory 12398280 150DP
Frost and Flame Dragon 55589254 150DP
Frostosaurus 6631034 600DP
Fuhma Shuriken 9373534 300DP
FuhRinKaZan 1781310 150DP
Fulfillment of the Contract 48206762 150DP
Fusion Sword Murasame Blade 37684215 150DP
Future Fusion 77565204 1000DP
Future Samurai 90642597 300DP
-- G --
Name Password Cost
Gadget Driver 54497620 300DP
Gadget Hauler 28002611 150DP
Gagagigo 49003308 150DP
Gaia Knight- the Force of Earth 97204936 600DP
Gaia Power 56594520 150DP
Gamble 37313786 150DP
Garoth- Lightsworn Warrior 59019082 150DP
Garuda the Wind Spirit 12800777 150DP
Gateway to Dark World 93431518 150DP
Gear Golem the Moving Fortress 30190809 300DP
Geartown 37694547 150DP
Gellenduo 11662742 300DP
Gem Flash Energy 57753602 150DP
Gemini Elf 69140098 600DP
Gemini Lancer 26254876 150DP
Gemini Summoner 19041767 150DP
GeneWarped Warwolf 69247929 600DP
Genex Blast 24432029 150DP
Genex Controller 68505803 300DP
Genex Doctor 89211486 150DP
Genex Gaia 89333528 150DP
Genex Heat 53944920 300DP
Genex Neutron 19182751 1000DP
Genex Power Planner 30399511 150DP
Genex Searcher 67483216 150DP
Genex Undine 4904812 600DP
Genex Worker 93882364 150DP
Geo Genex 33972299 600DP
Ghost Gardna 59965151 150DP
Giant Flea 41762634 150DP
Giant Germ 95178994 300DP
Giant Kozaky 58185394 150DP
Giant Orc 73698349 300DP
Giant Rat 97017120 300DP
Giant Red Seasnake 58831685 150DP
Giant Soldier of Stone 13039848 150DP
Giant Trunade 42703248 1000DP
Gift Card 39526584 150DP
Gift of The Mystical Elf 98299011 150DP
Giga Gagagigo 43793530 300DP
Gigantes 47606319 300DP
Gigantic Cephalotus 82116191 150DP
Gigaplant 53257892 150DP
Gigobyte 53776525 150DP
Gilasaurus 45894482 150DP
Gilgarth 38445524 150DP
Giltia the D. Knight 51828629 150DP
Give and Take 55465441 150DP
Gladiator Beast Bestiari 41470137 150DP
Gladiator Beast Darius 25924653 150DP
Gladiator Beast Equeste 57731460 150DP
Gladiator Beast Gyzarus 48156348 150DP
Gladiator Beast Hoplomus 4253484 150DP
Gladiator Beast Laquari 78868776 300DP
Gladiator Beast Murmillo 5975022 300DP
Gladiator Beast Samnite 2619149 150DP
Gladiator Beast Secutor 77642288 150DP
Gladiator Beast War Chariot 96216229 150DP
Gladiator Proving Ground 35224440 150DP
Goblin Attack Force 78658564 300DP
Goblin Decoy Squad 18960169 150DP
Goblin Elite Attack Force 85306040 300DP
Goblin King 18590133 300DP
Goblin Out of the Frying Pan 69632396 150DP
Goblin Thief 45311864 150DP
Goblin Zombie 63665875 150DP
Goblin's Secret Remedy 11868825 150DP
Goddess of Whim 67959180 150DP
Goe Goe the Gallant Ninja 10236520 300DP
Gold Sarcophagus 75500286 1000DP
Goldd- WuLord of Dark World 78004197 600DP
Golden Flying Fish 76203291 150DP
Golden Ladybug 87102774 150DP
Golem Sentry 52323207 300DP
Gonogo 59797187 150DP
Good Goblin Housekeeping 9744376 300DP
Gora Turtle 80233946 150DP
Goyo Guardian 7391448 1000DP
Gozen Match 53334471 150DP
Graceful Dice 74137509 150DP
Graceful Revival 98273947 600DP
Gradius 10992251 150DP
Gradius' Option 14291024 150DP
Gragonith- Lightsworn Dragon 21785144 150DP
Grand Convergence 38430673 150DP
Grandmaster of the Six Samurai 83039729 1000DP
Granmarg the Rock Monarch 60229110 600DP
Grasschopper 95166228 300DP
Grave Squirmer 48343627 300DP
Gravekeeper's Assailant 25262697 300DP
Gravekeeper's Cannonholder 99877698 150DP
Gravekeeper's Chief 62473983 150DP
Gravekeeper's Commandant 17393207 300DP
Gravekeeper's Curse 50712728 150DP
Gravekeeper's Guard 37101832 150DP
Gravekeeper's Servant 16762927 300DP
Gravekeeper's Spear Soldier 63695531 300DP
Gravekeeper's Spy 24317029 150DP
Gravekeeper's Vassal 99690140 150DP
Gravekeeper's Watcher 26084285 150DP
Gravity Bind 85742772 1000DP
Great Maju Garzett 47942531 600DP
Great Monk of the Ice Barrier 41090784 600DP
Great Phantom Thief 10809984 150DP
Greed 89405199 150DP
Green Gadget 41172955 600DP
Gren Maju Da Eiza 36584821 300DP
Gren- Tactician of Dark World 51232472 150DP
Guard of Flamvell 21615956 150DP
Guardian Sphinx 40659562 600DP
Guardian Statue 75209824 150DP
GyakuGire Panda 9817927 150DP
-- H --
Name Password Cost
Hammer Shot 26412047 300DP
Hand Destruction 74519184 150DP
Hand of Nephthys 98446407 300DP
Handcuffs Dragon 97904474 300DP
HaneHane 7089711 150DP
Hanewata 20450925 600DP
Hardsellin' Goblin 68875140 150DP
Harpie Girl 34100324 150DP
Harpie Lady 1 91932350 300DP
Harpie Lady Sisters 12206212 300DP
Harpie Queen 75064463 300DP
Harpies' Hunting Ground 75782277 150DP
Harpie's Pet Baby Dragon 6924874 150DP
Harvest Angel of Wisdom 85399281 150DP
Headless Knight 5434080 150DP
Heart of Clear Water 64801562 150DP
Heart of the Underdog 35762283 600DP
Heavy Mech Support Platform 23265594 600DP
Heavy Slump 52417194 150DP
Heavy Storm 19613556 600DP
Hecatrice 74968065 300DP
Helios The Primordial Sun 54493213 300DP
Herald of Creation 66337215 150DP
Hero Signal 22020907 150DP
Hidden Book of Spell 21840375 150DP
Hieracosphinx 82260502 300DP
Hiita the Fire Charmer 759393 300DP
Hiro's Shadow Scout 81863068 150DP
Honest 37742478 1000DP
Horn of the Unicorn 64047146 150DP
Horseytail 82994509 150DP
Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV4 75830094 300DP
Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV6 11224103 600DP
Howling Insect 93107608 150DP
Hunter Dragon 96005454 150DP
Hunter Owl 51962254 300DP
Hunting Instinct 11925569 150DP
Hydra Viper 37869028 150DP
Hydro Genex 47421985 1000DP
Hydrogeddon 22587018 300DP
Hyper Hammerhead 2671330 150DP
Hysteric Party 77778835 150DP
-- I --
Name Password Cost
Icarus Attack 53567095 150DP
Ice Blast User Rice 30276969 150DP
Il Blud 70595331 150DP
Imperial Iron Wall 30459350 150DP
Inferno Reckless Summon 12247206 300DP
Infinite Cards 94163677 150DP
Injection Fairy Lily 79575620 600DP
Inmato 39703254 150DP
Insect Imitation 96965364 150DP
Insect Knight 35052053 150DP
Instant Fusion 1845204 150DP
Intercept 59695933 300DP
Interdimensional Matter Transporter 36261276 150DP
"Interplanetary Invader ""A""" 14729426 150DP
Intoxicated Bug of the Ice Barrier 92065772 300DP
Introduction to Gallantry 69091732 150DP
Iron Blacksmith Kotetsu 73431236 300DP
Iron Chain Blaster 26157485 150DP
Iron Chain Coil 53152590 150DP
Iron Chain Dragon 19974580 300DP
Iron Chain Repairman 53274132 150DP
Iron Chain Snake 80769747 300DP
Izanagi 6544078 150DP
-- J --
Name Password Cost
Jack's Knight 90876561 300DP
Jade Knight 44364207 300DP
Jain- Lightsworn Paladin 96235275 150DP
Jar of Greed 83968380 300DP
Jar Robber 33784505 150DP
Jenis- Lightsworn Mender 83725008 150DP
Jerry Beans Man 23635815 150DP
Jinzo Returner 9418534 300DP
Jinzo 77585513 1000DP
Jirai Gumo 94773007 150DP
Judgment of Anubis 55256016 150DP
Judgment of Thunder 85080048 150DP
Junk Barrage 79068663 300DP
Junk Synchron 63977008 150DP
Junk Warrior 60800381 1000DP
Jurak Monolov 36717258 150DP
Jurak Protapus 23927545 150DP
Jurak Vello 59312550 300DP
Jurassic World 10080320 150DP
Just Desserts 24068492 150DP
JustiBreak 62271284 150DP
Jutte Fighter 60410769 150DP
-- K --
Name Password Cost
Kabazauls 51934376 150DP
Kahkki- Guerilla of Dark World 25847467 150DP
Kaibaman 34627841 150DP
Kaiser Sea Horse 17444133 300DP
Kelbek 54878498 150DP
King of the Skull Servants 36021814 300DP
King of the Swamp 79109599 300DP
King Tiger Wanghu 83986578 150DP
King's Knight 64788463 300DP
Kinkabyo 45452224 150DP
Kozaky's SelfDestruct Button 21908319 150DP
Krebons 59575539 150DP
Kryuel 82642348 150DP
Kunai with Chain 37390589 150DP
Kunoichi 56514812 150DP
Kuraz the Light Monarch 57666212 1000DP
Kuriboh 40640057 150DP
Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer 88240808 300DP
-- L --
Name Password Cost
Labyrinth Wall 67284908 300DP
Lady Ninja Yae 82005435 150DP
Left Arm of the Forbidden One 7902349 600DP
Left Leg of the Forbidden One 44519536 600DP
Legacy of YataGarasu 30461781 150DP
Legendary Ebon Steed 12324546 150DP
Legendary Jujitsu Master 25773409 150DP
Level Conversion Lab 84397023 150DP
Level Down!? 90500169 150DP
Level Limit Area B 3136426 1000DP
Level Modulation 61850482 150DP
Level Up! 25290459 300DP
Lich Lord- King of the Underworld 55818463 600DP
Life Absorbing Machine 14318794 150DP
Lifeforce Harmonizer 76214441 300DP
Light Barrier 73206827 300DP
Light Laser 11471117 150DP
Lightning Vortex 69162969 1000DP
Lightwave Tuning 78845026 150DP
Limit Reverse 27551 600DP
Limiter Overload 92450185 150DP
Limiter Removal 23171610 1000DP
Lineage of Destruction 29307554 600DP
Little Chimera 68658728 150DP
Lonefire Blossom 48686504 300DP
Lord Poison 40320754 150DP
Lucky Chance 96012004 150DP
Lucky Iron Axe 34664411 150DP
Lumina- Lightsworn Summoner 95503687 150DP
Luminous Spark 81777047 150DP
Luster Dragon 11091375 300DP
Lyla- Lightsworn Sorceress 22624373 600DP
-- M --
Name Password Cost
Machine Conversion Factory 25769732 150DP
Machine Duplication 63995093 150DP
Machine Lord Ãœr 96938777 300DP
Machiners Defender 96384007 150DP
Machiners Sniper 23782705 150DP
Machiners Soldier 60999392 150DP
Macro Cosmos 30241314 300DP
Mad Archfiend 94664694 300DP
Mad Dog of Darkness 79182538 150DP
Mad Lobster 97240270 150DP
Mad Sword Beast 79870141 150DP
Mage Power 83746708 1000DP
Magic Cylinder 62279055 1000DP
Magic Drain 59344077 300DP
Magic Formula 67227834 150DP
Magic Jammer 77414722 600DP
Magic Reflector 61844784 150DP
Magical Android 43385557 150DP
Magical Arm Shield 96008713 150DP
Magical Blast 91819979 150DP
Magical Citadel of Endymion 39910367 150DP
Magical Dimension 28553439 600DP
Magical Hats 81210420 600DP
Magical Mallet 85852291 150DP
Magical Marionette 8034697 150DP
Magical Merchant 32362575 300DP
Magical Plant Mandragola 7802006 150DP
Magician of Faith 31560081 1000DP
Magician's Circle 50755 300DP
Magicians Unite 36045450 300DP
Magician's Valkyria 80304126 300DP
Magna Drago 36750412 150DP
Maha Vailo 93013676 300DP
Maharaghi 40695128 150DP
Maiden of the Aqua 17214465 300DP
Majestic Mech Ohka 69303178 600DP
MajiGire Panda 60102563 150DP
Makiu- the Magical Mist 27827272 150DP
Malevolent Catastrophe 1224927 150DP
Malevolent Nuzzler 99597615 150DP
Malfunction 6137095 150DP
ManEater Bug 54652250 300DP
Manju of the Ten Thousand Hands 95492061 300DP
Manticore of Darkness 77121851 600DP
Marauding Captain 2460565 600DP
Marie the Fallen One 57579381 300DP
Marionette Mite 87514539 150DP
Mark of the Rose 45247637 600DP
Marshmallon 31305911 600DP
Mask of Darkness 28933734 600DP
Mask of the Accursed 56948373 150DP
Masked Dragon 39191307 300DP
Masked Sorcerer 10189126 150DP
Mass Hypnosis 21768554 150DP
Master Kyonshee 24530661 150DP
Mataza the Zapper 22609617 300DP
Mausoleum of the Emperor 80921533 150DP
Mecha Bunny 10110717 150DP
MechaDog Marron 94667532 150DP
Mechanicalchaser 7359741 300DP
Medium Piece Golem 58843503 300DP
Medusa Worm 2694423 150DP
Mega Ton Magical Cannon 32062913 150DP
Megamorph 22046459 600DP
MeiKou- Master of Barriers 47731128 150DP
Meltiel- Sage of the Sky 49905576 300DP
Mermaid Knight 24435369 150DP
Messenger of Peace 44656491 150DP
Metal Reflect Slime 26905245 300DP
Metalmorph 68540058 150DP
Meteor of Destruction 33767325 150DP
Mezuki 92826944 300DP
Millennium Shield 32012841 150DP

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