Truck Driver - Keep on Truckin'!

Would you like a job with lots of freedom? Then you might consider becoming a truck driver when you're a little older. Back to Article

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Driving a Truck is Cool Cuz... Vote!

  • You get to travel to so many places.
  • You can watch movies in your truck bed.
  • You get to eat out all the time.
  • You can honk at the hotties driving by.

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Dear Dish-It in the forums

Your welcome
reply about 1 hour
i say talk to ur friend and if it doesnt help end the friend ship and get her some help its happened to me
reply about 1 hour
sugarpetals posted in Friends:
i couldn't agree more 
reply about 1 hour
Thnx Tht was a really cool idea :)
reply about 1 hour
"Pink_Kitty" wrote:Really? Us kids actually lie?  :devil :angel :o) my lies never works for mum. I think she has the power to read my mind.  she would say" look me in the eyes, say it again." 
reply about 3 hours