April Fools' Practical Jokes & Pranks

April Fools Day is just around the corner so Kidzworld has brought you some of the coolest tricks to get you in the holiday spirit. Back to Article

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Hayhayits_DeAnna wrote:
2014-04-01 18:22:44 -0700

Embarrassed I went the whole day forgetting today was April Fools' Day??!!!!!!

sandra18 wrote:
2014-04-01 13:08:34 -0700

I have one when u tell someone high five and u remove u hand and say April fools

Frozen5 wrote:
2014-04-01 12:22:32 -0700

I have one. When your in the car with your friend / sibling and your parent(s) are leaving you there 4 a while you
Go on the driver's seat and say "let's get outta this place,
Turn the wheel and pretend your stepping on the pedal
I tried this today and my friend actually cried!

nicolebranchaz101 wrote:
2014-03-31 19:50:47 -0700

Put koolaid in your shower head

dolphin12 wrote:
2014-03-28 15:32:14 -0700

I have a great april fools trick that we're(my class) doing on our teacher. We're going to stare her out in the morning then walk out in the afternoon! How cool!

DJDarin wrote:
2014-03-25 09:44:32 -0700

Your cute but April fools day is cool

Puppylover196 wrote:
2014-03-25 09:11:26 -0700

I hate April fools

Abhishek226 wrote:
2014-03-25 09:08:21 -0700

hahahaha i will try this at my friends

Gippi wrote:
2014-03-25 08:55:47 -0700

Lol i will try these Tongue Out

XxCryXx wrote:
2014-01-22 07:58:27 -0800

Normally I just throws pies at people

Funny_Person_LOL wrote:
2013-11-28 18:07:40 -0800


nickizzz wrote:
2013-10-26 03:22:46 -0700

ha ha

pricetag wrote:
2013-09-30 15:03:31 -0700

I'm pretty late, but I like the Spare change one! (:

vanillastar wrote:
2013-04-07 08:57:54 -0700

If you're at the beach on the boardwalk, go underneath and stick a dollar between the crack. When a person reach for it, quickly pull the dollar away. HAHAHAHA!!!!

coolkidmos wrote:
2013-03-31 17:53:58 -0700

if you wanna freak out your parents, try this trick.
Get your parents to talk to you by the couch.
Suddenly go, "and...and...oh dear!" and pretend to get dizzy.
Wait until they hover over you, peer through eyelids.
Suddenly jump up and say, "BOO!"

Misspinksparklez wrote:
2013-03-31 11:47:34 -0700

Cool! You could also go to a lamp post that is really shiny stick a notice saying wet paint to it and let your victim lean on it, you should see their face when you tell them it's wet!!

awesomehunter wrote:
2013-03-30 12:25:18 -0700

rubber band on sink sprayer

mathcrazy2013 wrote:
2013-03-29 10:18:55 -0700

Try this trick if you have an overhead fan w/ a switch. Turn off the fan or re-wire the switch so you can't turn on the fan or/and the light. Next, get your parent(s) to get the fan fixed, because it won't work. If you want, you can do a little skit. Last, let the prank take place. I did this once when I was younger. It didn't work cause, well, I was too laugh-ish.

deni4evr_2312026 wrote:
2013-03-25 20:24:13 -0700

Put salt on your victim's toothbrush or clear nail polish on his/her soap. If you wanna get REALLY evil, then put 'All Purpose Food Film' on their toilet.

kupetfan101 wrote:
2013-01-05 08:40:43 -0800

u try to tell a prank then

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Perfect April Fools' Prank?

  • One where everyone has a good laugh.
  • When your victim never knows it was you who pulled it off.
  • As long as I get a good laugh, it's perfect.
  • The perfect prank is between you and the victim.

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