April Fools' Practical Jokes & Pranks

April Fools Day is just around the corner so Kidzworld has brought you some of the coolest tricks to get you in the holiday spirit. Back to Article

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kittyjenna2000 wrote:
2011-03-30 19:30:36 -0700

I've got one!!! when its like 12oclock at night, change the clocks to the time you sibling goes to school. Then, wake 'em up and say "YOUR LATE FOR SCHOOL!!!"

happykid2 wrote:
2011-03-30 16:36:02 -0700

umm... they poop and the poop sits on the plastic and is all gross and yuck and it should gross them out... Blush

mega bee lolz_1742563
mega bee lolz_1742563 wrote:
2011-03-30 09:41:04 -0700

at school when the teacher is gone quickly put chalk in the erasers slits Devil

Clarabelle wrote:
2011-03-28 10:41:57 -0700

Last year I hid in my toy should have heard the screech that arose from Mom!

dazzling_dancer59 wrote:
2011-03-08 05:44:09 -0800

i don't get the toilet one, what exactly is suppose to happen? it seems like a goood prank though...

d48d wrote:
2010-07-27 02:07:07 -0700


first to setup is catch a spider and put it in a small glass or plastic container.Put it on top of relative/friend.WATCH THEM HAVE THEIR NIGHTMARE COME TRUE

7Sandemi wrote:
2010-06-17 19:30:10 -0700

Once i hid under my mums bed
and waited for her to wake up
when she woke up and stood on the floor
i grabbed her leg really fast
and she screamed
she woke everyone up

sportzgirl35 wrote:
2010-04-02 23:39:33 -0700

the toilet one sounds really funny, i tried to do it but i ended up blocking the toilet!! got into alot of trouble!!!

TrixieGal_1460659 wrote:
2010-04-02 09:52:27 -0700

So, today is April fools day! i did the ceran wrap/toilet 2 my mom/dad~they freaked!

joytothe wrote:
2010-04-01 12:59:01 -0700

i think the tolet one sounded funny but i would never try it though i probly wont get in trouble lol!!!!!!!

loubean02 wrote:
2010-04-01 12:12:50 -0700

i want to try the water and salt one. also people try taking a pen cap and super glue it to the end (where there is not ink) it always works on my family but my sister told my dad and i got grounded for 1 year it sucks

Coofis wrote:
2010-04-01 03:12:59 -0700

Here's a few!!

1) Put clear plastic wrap over your victim's bedroom doorway, or a doorway used by lots of people. When somebody walks through, they'll get an invisible surprise!! Just make sure not to fall into your own trap. Mark the doorway with a

kman10 wrote:
2010-03-31 15:03:52 -0700

hi i think i will try the salt and sugar i snuck downstairs after my parents went to bed trying to find a good prank to pull

report wrote:
2010-03-31 13:59:43 -0700

Haha. I wanna try the toilet clear wrapper thing but I would probably get grounded, too. Um... Ya, no. I don't need to be grounded... But I'm gonna try a lot of them, though...

XxAlalxX wrote:
2010-03-29 08:44:35 -0700

The one with the throwing up is disgusting! I hate it when people throw up cuz I am afraid I might get sick from it. (I know, I know, it is selfish)

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Perfect April Fools' Prank?

  • One where everyone has a good laugh.
  • When your victim never knows it was you who pulled it off.
  • As long as I get a good laugh, it's perfect.
  • The perfect prank is between you and the victim.

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