Two-In-One Bedrooms : Decorating A Shared Room

You love pink, your sister’s a tomboy; you root for a football team, your brother cheers on their rivals.Get tips on decorating a room you both can live with. Back to Article

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alitalia123 wrote:
2014-07-12 09:37:58 -0700

Try sticking wrapping paper up for wallpaper

miz-wolf1 wrote:
2014-04-24 14:56:39 -0700

I share with a monster cough cough I mean little sister.Please help me survive.

SpaceKitty14 wrote:
2013-08-14 14:24:02 -0700

I share a room with my baby sister..... She's 2.1.....HELP ME!!!!!!

AliceStar123 wrote:
2013-07-12 07:35:20 -0700

i don't have a separate room

shae508 wrote:
2013-05-15 17:53:49 -0700

i need to try this stuff with my brother.

coritz wrote:
2012-06-30 20:24:38 -0700

what me and my sister did was paint the wall one color and picked out different colors in our bed covers matching the paint my room is blck and blue hers is rainbow

epic2011 wrote:
2012-04-18 11:59:12 -0700

I decorated my room with my sister just like this :P

sparklecake0 wrote:
2012-01-19 16:31:05 -0800

well we rent our house so we can't paint the walls!

P u m p e d - u p - k i c k s._1972354
P u m p e d - u p - k i c k s._1972354 wrote:
2012-01-19 16:06:36 -0800

Lol I had that scooby doo blanket! Swaag.

Coetiful wrote:
2011-06-17 13:26:23 -0700

just get comforters! dnt decorate the walls!

iWonTheGame wrote:
2011-01-01 04:22:53 -0800

My sister is a tomboy and im a girly girl so we never decorate our room =D

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How Would You Want Your Room Decorated?

  • A space theme with glow-in-the-dark stars and planets.
  • Anything sports-related, like a big baseball glove bed!
  • A jungle safari with palm trees and vines hanging from the ceiling.
  • Classic and simple, nothing too trendy or wild.

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Dear Dish-It in the forums

That is the type of decision capable of changing your life. However, if you don't want to be part of it (And I highly recommend not engaging in that sort of lifestyle), then as hugebear said, you should sit your sister down and explain to her why you do not want to be part of a gang and maybe since you're afraid to lose her, explain that just because you want no part in it does not mean you want to lose her as well.
reply about 1 hour
hugebear posted in Family Issues:
Me advices is talk to her.  Tell her exactly what your feeling and you doesnt want to join and ask her why she is joining.  Tell her why you think she shouldnt and also add that you feels that you will lose her if she does.
reply about 1 hour
Alsina posted in Family Issues:
So my big sister just recently told me she was in a gang, I kinda already figured she was but I never asked. I don't really know how to feel about it. She's like my best friend, I can come to her for anything and I'd do anything for her! Anyways she asked me if I wanted to join the family, I haven't really given her an answer yet, and she keeps trying to pull one out of me so I jokingly asked what gang she was in and she told me she was a crip.Telling me that she and her boys will have my back and stuff... I don't want to lose her if i say no but I also don't want to be in a gang.  =(
reply about 1 hour
simran88 posted in Family Issues:
I guess you should give your parents some time to accept the fact. And don't worry... everyhing wil end up fine.... :)
reply about 2 hours
simran88 posted in Family Issues:
You should probably tell your mom or ny of your siblings about it (if you have any siblings)... or maybe you should just ask your dad about it when he's in a good mood. Hope I was of help.... :)
reply about 2 hours