World's Most Dangerous Sports

Riding a raging bull and jumping off the top of a skyscraper are both on Kidzworld's list of the world's most dangerous sports. Back to Article

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Steph.loves.youu wrote:
2012-03-31 17:13:57 -0700

All of these sound scary except #10

nikki842 wrote:
2012-03-31 16:37:31 -0700

Y.O.L.O I Wouldd Doo All Dhiss Stuff Dosent Look Dangerous.. Y.O.L.O...Yhuu Only Livee Oncee

football pro
football pro wrote:
2012-02-19 21:59:45 -0800

solo yacht racing should be number 4

James wrote:
2011-02-23 11:31:59 -0800


maNga♥nymph wrote:
2011-02-08 16:16:36 -0800

this'll help me for my homework,thanks smile Angel

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What Freaks You Out More?

  • Being stuck on top of a skyscraper.
  • Being attacked by pirates at sea.
  • Being trapped underwater with no air.
  • Being trapped at home with no TV.

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Sports in the forums

Do you have an old tire you could start off practicing with? It helps you align your hands. I find it kind of hard to explain, but there are lots of great resources out there online if you search for them. :) To do a cartwheel stand in a lunge with your favourite leg (by that I don't mean you look at it and say "that's a nice leg" but that you favor that leg when doing things, you feel comfortable with it going first), knees bent slightly, and your arms straight up by your ears. Make sure your elbows are locked. You don't want to drop. Assuming you start with your right, reach forward with your right arm while kicking your left leg up at the same time. Your left hand should follow very quickly and as it touches the ground your right leg should also be off of the ground. You should pass through the handstand briefly and your left leg should reach the ground first with your right following it and you will finish in a lunge just as you started. Hand, hand, foot, foot. 1,2,3,4. There's a rhythm to it. Keep practicing and try to perfect not kicking around as you go.
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Well I'm in 6th grade this year and next year in seventh grade I'm going to try out for cheerleading... The problem is I cant do a cartwheel or any of that! So I have to cram all of this stuff into just one year, all help is appreciated.
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Seattle Seahawks
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reply 3 days
The broncos and the giants you just got to love the manning brothers. 
reply 4 days