Fashion Police :: P!nk vs. Alicia Keys

Stop! Celebrities P!nk and Alicia Keys are both under arrest and have been taken into custody by the Fashion Police for bad outfits! Back to Article

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ThePromise_1636325 wrote:
2012-03-04 20:01:11 -0800

I gotta go with Alicia!!!

pookiegirl123 wrote:
2011-12-18 19:18:01 -0800

uhhh diva battle!

#1MBprincess143 wrote:
2011-11-27 14:11:27 -0800

I pick Alica forealzzal

deasialol wrote:
2011-08-02 19:34:03 -0700

i pick alicia keys forrealz

rockchick43 wrote:
2011-07-18 11:57:41 -0700

uh i pick alicia

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Who Needs a Fashion Police Ticket?

  • P!nk's outfit is ridiculous!
  • Alicia deserves a ticket for all that glitter!
  • They both deserve to be arrested.
  • Neither deserve to be arrested - they're both stylin'.

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