Dear Dish-It: He Cheated On Me Twice

emochik1214 asks: my boyfriand hase cheated on me twice and i dont kno wat to do? Back to Article

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Elizabeth2 wrote:
2014-02-21 06:53:25 -0800

he cheated on me once, and I found out. Then, he swore he wouldnt do it again, and I was a fool 4 believing him. Treat me like a queen and I'll treat u like a king. Treat me like a game and i'll show u how its played.

unicornsandrainbows2 wrote:
2014-02-20 10:46:02 -0800

its ok my EX cheated i stayed with him but the insecurity was enough to make me dump if he really loved you he wouldnt have been spending time with other girls he wouldve been spening time making you happy

Kahalisia wrote:
2013-12-30 21:17:53 -0800

why would you be with him if he cheated on you twice most likely he will do it again

Khyla_Rox_2593269 wrote:
2013-12-08 08:10:17 -0800

Y wud u still be with him if he has cheated on u TWICE NOT ONCE TWICE

qmfizer1 wrote:
2012-11-24 18:20:21 -0800

First of all how the heck do you let someone cheat on you TWICE!!!!! once ok 'if you ever do it again there will be consequences' second time!!!! HOW DO YOU LET SOMEONE DO THAT TO YOU AND DON'T HURT THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is just ridiculous. people are saying dump him. well i say you tell every male in your family that this boy cheated on you and you need him to be set straight, THEN you dump him!! Devil

tyqasia wrote:
2012-11-24 17:00:56 -0800

well y would u still date a boy who haz cheated on u twice i wud've been dun dumped him

marblebrain4 wrote:
2012-11-24 10:45:08 -0800

I think you should just dump him because what good is it to be in a relashonship that you do not like.

marblebrain4 wrote:
2012-11-24 10:40:56 -0800

what is his name really you should just dump him

breugottaloveher wrote:
2012-11-23 16:07:02 -0800

he knows betta not to cheat he already knoe not to cheat

lannie13 wrote:
2012-11-23 16:04:42 -0800

I wouldn't let him get another chance u already did it once u isn't about to do it again so bye

miss ray
miss ray wrote:
2012-11-23 15:37:27 -0800

if you dont know what to do is test him be like:so where you been or like to the gf and be like are you and blah blah are goin out?

kaechrbestfriend123 wrote:
2012-11-23 15:30:31 -0800


report forever forever wrote:
2012-11-23 15:27:47 -0800

whatever...he wouldnt get two chances with me..u cheat once bye bye theres not going to be another time.

* Obey Swaqq *_2261481
* Obey Swaqq *_2261481 wrote:
2012-11-23 15:11:04 -0800

i have been but only one time

DreYaunah2cute4u wrote:
2012-11-23 15:10:29 -0800

never happend to me

Brittany_iz_Beautiful wrote:
2012-11-23 15:04:47 -0800

Yup and u guys are cute together. smile

ms.tuda wrote:
2012-11-23 15:04:46 -0800

i would have broke up with him

diontae190 wrote:
2012-11-23 15:02:53 -0800

has to mehhh

Cam:) wrote:
2012-11-23 15:01:18 -0800

Happened To Me Before

-JessyMessy-_2294202 wrote:
2012-11-23 15:00:39 -0800

I've been in this situation and I'm still with him.

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Cheating - Is It Cool Or Cruel?

  • As long as you don't get caught, it's cool.
  • Totally not cool.
  • It's not that big of a deal.
  • I think it depends on the situation.

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