Green Christmas

Each person in the U.S. makes 4 pounds of garbage per day! That number grows at Christmas when we eat and drink more and buy more cards and gifts! Here’s how to go green at Christmas! Back to Article

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miz-wolf1 wrote:
2013-12-01 20:38:35 -0800

Me and carpools never end well

JennyD wrote:
2013-12-01 13:11:20 -0800

if I used newspaper as wrapping paper, it's not going to be pleasant

toma toma
toma toma wrote:
2013-01-01 04:57:29 -0800


* Jackie_Luvs_Yhu *
* Jackie_Luvs_Yhu * wrote:
2012-12-02 07:14:06 -0800

0.o Oh Clowns

dancer34 wrote:
2011-09-25 04:30:22 -0700

yeah maybe i will do that

anna wus here
anna wus here wrote:
2011-09-24 17:56:58 -0700

i dnt like clowns so i agree!! haha

hey its lexi
hey its lexi wrote:
2011-09-24 17:55:36 -0700

my sister said the clowns were creapy

anna wus here
anna wus here wrote:
2011-09-24 17:54:17 -0700

i wanna do dat hahaha its good for the envirment

Persefinie wrote:
2011-09-24 16:47:50 -0700

this is a Really good artical for go green peeps! i am a go green peep and i love this I will tottally use these helpful ideas on the big day!

CookieDevil wrote:
2011-09-24 15:05:47 -0700

=] This is an awesome article!

musicfunlover1 wrote:
2011-09-24 13:40:44 -0700

when it was before our 1st Christmas in SC, we bought a fake Christmas tree. we've been using it ever since! and we have a Douglas Fir tree in our backyard, its our outdoor Christmas tree

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