Santa Claus Bio

Forget Brad and Britney. The biggest celebrity of them all is Santa Claus! Here’s the scoop on the jolly man in red … Back to Article

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jb95420_1929133 wrote:
2012-01-03 08:42:50 -0800

i totally agree

missnya912 wrote:
2012-01-02 18:51:17 -0800

oh you down if you talk to god that

missnya912 wrote:
2012-01-02 18:45:25 -0800

you are the means pelpoe kids mit be heart browkin

bella549 wrote:
2012-01-02 17:39:20 -0800

blah blah blah blah blah who cares if hes real or not u all have ur own belifes get over self and we all no he has a fat azz and ur jellese that dont mean u have to talk about it drop it plz

-kimmii- wrote:
2012-01-02 16:52:50 -0800

Santa is real if u believe but once u stop beliving then hes not real anymore hes just a joke to u

the dragon lady
the dragon lady wrote:
2012-01-02 16:18:36 -0800

i used 2 belive until i was 7 but he z tot fake i mean it would b tot creepy for some old fat guy 2 climb in your window CREEPY

ocalais147 wrote:
2012-01-02 15:53:59 -0800

I used 2 believe in him,but when I was 8 ma momma told me he wasnt real!

2012-01-02 15:46:00 -0800

santa clause is not real.mii momma and daddy buy mii gifts i used to belive in him when i was a baby and when i was 6 then i stoped beliving in him when i was 7.......SANTA CLAUSE IS NOT REAL Tongue Out

MrzzRoyal1 wrote:
2012-01-02 15:39:09 -0800

Santa claus a luh fakee, my grandparents baut me all my gifts soo,,, fogett uee santa

Hello_KittySwagg:) wrote:
2012-01-02 15:38:19 -0800

Santa Claus Is Was And Still I s Real!!

prettyliseth13 wrote:
2012-01-02 15:35:46 -0800

people why are u so mean to Santa claus lol not trying to be mean okay.

awesomegirl9879 wrote:
2012-01-02 15:12:19 -0800

i agree with you

-myusername- wrote:
2012-01-02 15:09:55 -0800

how TF is he gon shove his FAT booty down a chimney and eat all yo cookies!?!?!??!?!?

pookie girl's bff
pookie girl's bff wrote:
2012-01-02 15:09:04 -0800

i agree with gracie! smile

MovingBrick wrote:
2012-01-02 15:08:54 -0800

This guy scares me. .-.

babyangel16 wrote:
2012-01-02 15:07:06 -0800

hes totally real if you don't believe in him you don't believe in GOD and you don't believe in a saint

brookiephoo wrote:
2012-01-02 15:06:19 -0800

ok, Santa is nt real. I know that because he is so big he wouldnt beable to fit in your chimmney. AND if you dont have a chimmney, like me, how would ' Santa ' get the presents into your house?? So.

RubyRay_1949227 wrote:
2012-01-02 15:06:07 -0800

God shut the hell up

_-Albert-_ wrote:
2012-01-02 15:04:46 -0800

No thanks ruby why would i ur my best pal Big Grin

That_Blank_Space wrote:
2012-01-02 15:04:32 -0800

i think it was for the best you didnt finish that sentence Frustrated

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Do You Leave Snacks for Santa Claus?

  • Every year!
  • I've done it a few times.
  • I'd rather eat 'em myself.
  • No, that's for babies.

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I will be famous one day and therefore the answer is me c:
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