Places Parents Hide Presents from Kids!

Want to find your Christmas presents early? Check these unusual places parents hide gifts away from their kids! Back to Article

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XxKupcakeKolbyxX wrote:
2011-12-01 16:22:24 -0800

in the oven! lol

I believe in dreaming!
I believe in dreaming! wrote:
2011-12-01 16:20:46 -0800

under the stairs XD smile

*Ci_ciSwagg16* wrote:
2011-12-01 16:10:33 -0800

These are stupid places to leave presents...Whyy u wana leave it out in the cold on a trees???Wen u can hide it in the basement?Closets?Inside cabnits?(Not in kitchen cabnits)But others

hanlol7754 wrote:
2011-12-01 16:06:16 -0800

in tha corset lolz

machinegun35 wrote:
2011-12-01 16:00:10 -0800

My parents hide mine in a clothes

Cuttiee2091_1825809 wrote:
2011-12-01 15:59:20 -0800

My mom hides mine in her room
& my dad and my stepmom hide mine in their closet t they make it soo obvious because its right there right when u open the closet door hah I saw some of my presents(:

cupcake54545 wrote:
2011-12-01 15:56:11 -0800

In my grandmas house Big Grin

dimond918 wrote:
2011-12-01 14:54:52 -0800

in the bedroom!!duhh!or under her bed!

Christie4everr wrote:
2011-11-27 23:22:11 -0800

my mum hides them in her cupboards

etl28 wrote:
2011-11-27 15:18:24 -0800

my mom hides them in my grandma's basement.

NeonStars wrote:
2011-11-27 14:21:05 -0800

My mom keeps in the trunk of her car before she wraps them.

coritz wrote:
2011-11-27 14:18:38 -0800

my parents hide them in the car
or the spider infested closet
my house is creepy

tolleyb11 wrote:
2011-11-27 14:16:22 -0800

my mom told me she hid them at her friends house smile

bluwolf44 wrote:
2011-11-27 14:13:08 -0800

My parents top 5 places-
-In their closet
-in the garage under other junk
-In come cabnits above the refrigerator
-At the store (layaway or that kinda stuff)
-a relative's house

ggbird59 wrote:
2011-11-27 12:15:17 -0800

Those aren't really realistic places.

hosttwins:D wrote:
2011-11-27 11:47:41 -0800

my parents hide my presents in there closet. the resan i know this is because i found it last year but i did not tell them i have found it. i'm a bad girl.

hey hey123
hey hey123 wrote:
2011-11-27 11:26:57 -0800

werd in a turky how about their closet always check that might friend me if like

noordinarygirl wrote:
2011-11-27 11:25:10 -0800

My parents don't get my presents early so I can't find them

angelkittykat11 wrote:
2011-11-27 10:28:41 -0800

in a TURKEY?! 0.o

CookieDevil wrote:
2011-11-27 03:24:54 -0800


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