Dear Dish-It: I'm Love Sick

Love sick asks: "There was a new boy at my school my friend told me she loved him. I said "ew!" and straight after I realized so do I ... but then my mum said to me I had to move schools. I said okay and I knew then I'm gonna write a love note ... " Back to Article

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queenmia wrote:
2014-07-14 15:30:55 -0700

tell her

unet101 wrote:
2014-04-02 10:21:07 -0700

What I do is remind myself that crushes are false attractions that your brain creates as an illusion of something you want to see believe.

Princess_Swaggy101 wrote:
2014-04-02 09:37:08 -0700

that is exactly what is happening to me ALL OF IT

Ellamy wrote:
2013-05-27 09:31:05 -0700

Yeah i guess she has a point

caitlinkay wrote:
2013-04-29 15:24:13 -0700

honestly im not sick of love cause I like a 8th grader but this kid likes me his name is Hayden its creepy cause he's my friend too

PrideInWastedYouth_2297646 wrote:
2013-04-29 15:21:12 -0700

I'm sick of love...

PotatoesGonnaPotate wrote:
2013-04-29 15:18:11 -0700

Had this 2 days ago. I can't sleep and eat

medodo wrote:
2013-04-22 05:02:08 -0700

I have this kind of thing like u but not on school..anyway, tell him! dont be like me I never told him and he doesn't know and will never know i guess!

babydoll1022 wrote:
2013-04-21 10:08:00 -0700

there is only one man i praise and worship our father jesus

what did i do to you
what did i do to you wrote:
2013-04-21 01:34:48 -0700

Never had it

Mari Baby
Mari Baby wrote:
2013-04-20 23:17:42 -0700

i've only been love sick once nd it was a cute type of love lol

Tyonnia Styles_2417899
Tyonnia Styles_2417899 wrote:
2013-04-20 23:16:05 -0700

There is only one guy who makes me love sick,speechless,and I feel in love with him from the moment we said "hey" to each other!!!

caitlinkay wrote:
2013-04-20 23:15:10 -0700

I still have a crush on my best friend ad he moved in december

mione647 wrote:
2013-03-21 13:48:51 -0700

I still have my crush and I'm at a totally different school

lovebugsolver wrote:
2013-03-19 13:00:08 -0700

i was once in love, but then i decided myself that i needed to move on, so when it came to choosing a secondary school, i chose one that would be away from him.

Aazim123 wrote:
2013-03-12 14:21:17 -0700

love sick over who Love

Pelchey wrote:
2013-03-11 08:24:32 -0700

Missing him lol

kiki05 wrote:
2013-03-10 11:57:27 -0700

so what school did you go to

Elise13 wrote:
2013-03-10 10:19:59 -0700

I'm LOVE SICK on my bestest friend!! Its soo HARD!! Worried

sophiezooma wrote:
2013-03-10 04:24:09 -0700

I am love sick on my friend who just got dumped(yes) i cant stop thinking about him all the time

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Best Way to Tell a Crush You Love Them?

  • Send an email from a fake internet identity.
  • Get your best friend to tell them.
  • Put an anonymous letter in their locker.
  • Leave a freaky message on their voice mail.

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Dear Dish-It in the forums

lawliet16 posted in Friends:
Maybe your overrating her personality while underrating yourself. Girls extremely like confident men so start working on your self esteem first because it stimulates interest to get to know you more especially on the romantic context and don`t forget to just be yourself so that you will know if she accept you to who you are and don`t let the "ideal boy" standard of the society bring you down. Remember that real happiness can be achieve when you are true to yourself so don`t mind what other people think of you and stop comparing yourself to the boys around her. Embrace your imperfections and wash away your insecurities and maybe she`ll like you back ;)
reply about 2 hours
Considering your age, it is normal that your parents might not accept it in case he likes you and the feeling is mutual and you must understand them. This is time when you need to focus in your studies and prepare for your future career and not for your future husband. You are still very young and trust me, you are still emotionally unprepared for this one heck of a roller coaster ride of emotions. Know the difference between loving that person and loving the feeling that you are in love. ;)
reply about 2 hours
peace16 posted in Friends:
Well I am happy that you off of them. 
reply about 3 hours
UnknownPoster posted in Friends:
"peace16" wrote:Oh man, I feel bad for you. I will sugguest rest it.. and when the 6 weeks of up. you can do whatever you want too do. Thanks. I am already back in school, I no longer have crutches thankfully. Also, i'd like to point out that they don't have social media, or at least, i'm not aware of it and I am out of school for two weeks for Christmas. Crushes are annoying lol. I have never been in a relationship either which makes things so much worst. 
reply about 3 hours
peace16 posted in Friends:
Oh man, I feel bad for you. I will sugguest rest it.. and when the 6 weeks of up. you can do whatever you want too do. Thanks.
reply about 4 hours