Dear Dish-It: I'm Love Sick

Love sick asks: "There was a new boy at my school my friend told me she loved him. I said "ew!" and straight after I realized so do I ... but then my mum said to me I had to move schools. I said okay and I knew then I'm gonna write a love note ... " Back to Article

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queenmia wrote:
2014-07-14 15:30:55 -0700

tell her

unet101 wrote:
2014-04-02 10:21:07 -0700

What I do is remind myself that crushes are false attractions that your brain creates as an illusion of something you want to see believe.

Princess_Swaggy101 wrote:
2014-04-02 09:37:08 -0700

that is exactly what is happening to me ALL OF IT

Ellamy wrote:
2013-05-27 09:31:05 -0700

Yeah i guess she has a point

caitlinkay wrote:
2013-04-29 15:24:13 -0700

honestly im not sick of love cause I like a 8th grader but this kid likes me his name is Hayden its creepy cause he's my friend too

PrideInWastedYouth_2297646 wrote:
2013-04-29 15:21:12 -0700

I'm sick of love...

PotatoesGonnaPotate wrote:
2013-04-29 15:18:11 -0700

Had this 2 days ago. I can't sleep and eat

medodo wrote:
2013-04-22 05:02:08 -0700

I have this kind of thing like u but not on school..anyway, tell him! dont be like me I never told him and he doesn't know and will never know i guess!

babydoll1022 wrote:
2013-04-21 10:08:00 -0700

there is only one man i praise and worship our father jesus

what did i do to you
what did i do to you wrote:
2013-04-21 01:34:48 -0700

Never had it

Mari Baby
Mari Baby wrote:
2013-04-20 23:17:42 -0700

i've only been love sick once nd it was a cute type of love lol

Tyonnia Styles_2417899
Tyonnia Styles_2417899 wrote:
2013-04-20 23:16:05 -0700

There is only one guy who makes me love sick,speechless,and I feel in love with him from the moment we said "hey" to each other!!!

caitlinkay wrote:
2013-04-20 23:15:10 -0700

I still have a crush on my best friend ad he moved in december

mione647 wrote:
2013-03-21 13:48:51 -0700

I still have my crush and I'm at a totally different school

lovebugsolver wrote:
2013-03-19 13:00:08 -0700

i was once in love, but then i decided myself that i needed to move on, so when it came to choosing a secondary school, i chose one that would be away from him.

Aazim123 wrote:
2013-03-12 14:21:17 -0700

love sick over who Love

Pelchey wrote:
2013-03-11 08:24:32 -0700

Missing him lol

kiki05 wrote:
2013-03-10 11:57:27 -0700

so what school did you go to

Elise13 wrote:
2013-03-10 10:19:59 -0700

I'm LOVE SICK on my bestest friend!! Its soo HARD!! Worried

sophiezooma wrote:
2013-03-10 04:24:09 -0700

I am love sick on my friend who just got dumped(yes) i cant stop thinking about him all the time

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Best Way to Tell a Crush You Love Them?

  • Send an email from a fake internet identity.
  • Get your best friend to tell them.
  • Put an anonymous letter in their locker.
  • Leave a freaky message on their voice mail.

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