New Pokemon TCG: HS-Unleashed

In the Pokemon TCG: HS-Unleashed expansion, you’ll find Pokemon Prime bursting at the seams, powerful Pokemon like Jirachi and Shaymin raring to join the battle and Pokemon LEGENDS joining forces for twice the excitement! Back to Article

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Queenninetails100 wrote:
2012-03-17 10:36:37 -0700

I LOVE POKEMON GO Pikachu Big Grin

victory089 wrote:
2011-07-13 08:14:58 -0700

I persenly l o v e pokemon!

bray2000 wrote:
2011-01-19 07:11:16 -0800

Really? Devil

youyouop123 wrote:
2010-12-24 10:09:56 -0800

dosnt do nothin'

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Would You Steal or Capture?

  • I'd totally steal the Pokemon from someone I'm dueling.
  • I won't steal Pokemon, I'd prefer to catch them in the wild.
  • I don't care how I get them, I just want more Pokemon!

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Most people say that Links awakening was the best, and that is mostly true. My favorite gots to be ocarina of time though, I am more into 3d things then this 2d stuff. I do really like twilight and skyward sword but everyone seems to hate those. My second is legend of zelda wind waker. Mostly for the same reasons as ocarina of time. Hyrule warriors is really fun though, it's very short of a LoZ game. and I still have yet to play Majoras mask but that has to be a really good game at the most too.
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Yeah, just want to tell you all something.  Xbox 1: A black box that plays video games! Ps4: A black box that plays video games! Halo: A sci-fi shooter for xbox 1! Killzone: A sci-fi shooter for ps4! What's there to argue about.
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Keekeow posted in Forum Games:
Already friends. :3
reply about 3 hours
hugebear posted in Forum Games:
reply about 4 hours
hugebear posted in Forum Games:
We ish already friends :D
reply about 4 hours