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I wanna know if I'm a tomboy. I like to play basketball, run track, and I mostly wear gym shorts (out of the guys section). I'm not into all that girly stuff like make-up, nail polish and stuff. Back to Article

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tigergirl777 wrote:
2013-07-04 22:03:14 -0700

hey i wanna be friends but i like putting nail polish doing my hair but..not makeup yet i guess!! but i also like playing football with the boys in my neighborhood (btw i hit hardin football lol) and playin basketball i like puttining on my brothers old boy stuff he cant fit anymore!! i hope we can be friends possible even best friends but if u don't..... that okay!!!! Wink

taz25499 wrote:
2011-08-01 11:02:50 -0700

i am a tomboy i dnt care wat people think its totally cool and better than being stuck in all day making yourself up u r the exact same as me and i will add u ! Blush

lovedbymarlon411x3 wrote:
2010-04-26 05:08:01 -0700

lol this was funny...... k let me tell you why ur not  a tomboy..... i love playing baseball i dont like wearing shoes lol only for the summer....  i soooooooo YEAH UR NOT A TOMBOY!!!smile

atumn wrote:
2010-04-23 21:37:27 -0700

i think youre not.. my cousin acts like that before but now she's a total girl..

Jiley wrote:
2010-04-23 11:20:38 -0700

lol same here smile im not really into it either

SDeeDee wrote:
2010-04-23 08:42:54 -0700

Most of my friends are tomboys, IT AIN'T A BAD THING!!

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Are You a Tomboy?

  • Yeah, I'm a total tomboy.
  • No, I am such a girlie-girl.
  • I used to be when I was younger.
  • I guess I'm a bit of a tomboy - I hate dressing up!

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