Everyone Wants Justin Bieber’s Hair

Justin Bieber copycats are popping up everywhere. A new hairstyle known as The Bieber is side-sweeping the nation, becoming the must-have trend of teen boys! Some salons are even charging $150 for the cut that includes long, side-brushed bangs. Back to Article

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i luv xavier
i luv xavier wrote:
2012-04-11 12:55:19 -0700

EW! i dont want hes hair!!!!!!!!!!!
i wanna keep my beautiful hair!!!!!

isposeimawesome_1982809 wrote:
2012-04-11 12:45:08 -0700

Blej everyone at my school has justin bieber hair it's not cool no one is original anymore -______-

bieberfever17 wrote:
2012-04-11 12:38:07 -0700

People just hating.! I looovve JB!

XtremeGirness wrote:
2012-04-11 12:15:53 -0700

I don't like JB at all... He is so gross! He needs to step outta the closet o_o

Dark_angel133 wrote:
2012-04-11 12:13:53 -0700


Mattie4eva wrote:
2012-04-11 10:28:18 -0700

yall need 2 stop hatin on jb

CallMeSam_2064393 wrote:
2012-04-11 10:25:06 -0700

His hairs so plain...

kate1470 wrote:
2012-04-11 10:17:00 -0700

they be talking about it in school they be like i want his hair all the time

funchaser wrote:
2012-04-11 10:10:08 -0700

jb sux

AlphaQ- wrote:
2012-04-11 10:07:06 -0700

My Hair's Better c;

-loveyourlaugh- wrote:
2012-04-11 09:16:19 -0700

drake_: lmfao

goodgirlmath wrote:
2012-04-11 08:30:06 -0700

y yall hating on jb

Emma Girl
Emma Girl wrote:
2012-04-11 07:23:41 -0700

Jb................ EW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! can somebody CUT THIS ARTICLE?!?!?

Drake_Swaggg wrote:
2012-04-11 07:09:45 -0700

oh my fXckin god!I hate justin beiber hes annoying!if i was a girl i rather go after my buddie trevor than him!!!

!.RileyRawr.! wrote:
2012-04-11 04:44:57 -0700

Helllzzz To Dahh Noo! JB IS UGLY!

sawanxboy wrote:
2012-04-11 00:10:46 -0700

yes his style is good, but y would i copy his hair syyle i like mine. smile

$tyl3zGot$w@gg14_1846712 wrote:
2012-04-10 22:34:58 -0700

I mean he changed it so y wuld anyone still want it now mm ig! # team bieber fever

djblue29 wrote:
2012-04-10 22:07:54 -0700


i luv xavier
i luv xavier wrote:
2012-04-10 21:04:04 -0700

i think i wanna keep my hair and not want his!

iiPrettyGurlSwagg wrote:
2012-04-10 21:02:54 -0700

the heck i DONT!

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ImmortalWhisper posted in Style:
Well it depends on the shape of your face. I feel that those with somewhat longer faces and high cheekbone structures look best with a boycut, those with a heart shaped face and don't have too much of a baby face, I feel that a hair cut that is somewhat like a bob, whereas your hair ends at your jawline would look best as you have soft and somewhat messy curls. As for if you have a baby face I feel that long hair would be more suitable for you. Anyway that's my opinon.
reply 23 minutes
Team Audi #46
Team Audi #46 posted in Friends:
Kid at my school nicknamed "Blueberry". Hated by all the Seniors at the school and the teachers can hardly stand him. If I were to go through everything he's done, I'd be writing a short story. Let's just say, he should have gotten expelled Freshman year. And all the years after that.
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PrincessAmelia posted in Friends:
Three mean girls at school...I JUST DON'T LIKE THEM. They bunk the classes and never get scolded and they act(ed) very mean to me and  one of my 3 bffs.  They are just OVER SMART and ever they sometimes wish to talk above the teacher. Then comes the Boys. There are 3 boys you know, who are a part of the gang of these mean girls. These boys are also so mean. I ask you, am I untouchable? Whenever I go past their bags, they say, 'hey what are you doing' or something like that... At least they are better in front of the teachers...unlike *SOME* people I could mention. But in spite of all these I really do like them all as friends and I am a pretty good forgetter, so I soon forget whatever they said to me. So, I think there is no one I HATE, practically. 
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youngluni4ever posted in Friends:
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jordand08 posted in Friends:
"iamastar" wrote:i like this guy called brandon rumball he's really cute we are total opposites he's tall and i am short he is smart i am not so smart he is the best swimmer and i am the second worst and i really like  him i trying to forget about him but he's just poping back in my head i neeed help First off, for his safety don't tell his last name. And opposites attract. Sometimes. :p Maybe you get get him to help you become a better swimmer, even though here, it's cold.  
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